person with red hair and light, freckled skin wearing a neurological testing device on their head.

BASES London Neuro Roadshow

Unlock the power of Neuro!
Enhance your research return-on-investment.  


Embark on a unique exploration of consumer insights at the BASES Neuro Road Show, making its next stop in the heart of London from February 6th to February 8th, 2024. Join us in Southwark for an intimate and informative session where we delve into the nuances of conscious and nonconscious consumer reactions. 

Are you skeptical about claims from vendors who claim to capture System 1 reactions? Is it enough to click on smiley faces or measure facial expressions? Let us demystify the process for you. Our Neuro team, including Dr. Jane Leighton, Dr. Joshua Balsters, and Smruti Kulkarni, will guide you through live demonstrations of our neuro tools. 

Why you can’t miss this. 

Engage in conversations to uncover how to enhance your research return-on-investment by tapping into both conscious and nonconscious responses across various aspects such as brand essence, advertising, packaging, and product. 

What’s in store for you. 

This event is designed for those seeking a deeper understanding without flashy hype. Expect thought-provoking discussions, interactive demonstrations, and a relaxed atmosphere conducive to networking—all accompanied by a cup of coffee and some cake.   

Save your spot now. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights at the BASES Neuro Road Show in London. It’s not just an event; it’s a chance to refine your approach to consumer research. See you there!  

Registration for the first dates has ended. Stay tuned and don’t miss the opportunity to attend the next event soon.

Meet your brilliant hosts 

portrait of Jane Leighton

Dr. Jane Leighton

Europe Advertising Lead

Jane has an academic background in Neuroscience and Behavioural Science and has spent the last 15 years applying her scientific knowledge to help clients understand and optimise their communications.  

She has worked in the Consumer Neuroscience field since its inception, pioneering the use of several behavioural, biometric and neurological techniques. 

Jane has worked across both government and commercial settings, on projects ranging from encouraging people to comply with Covid guidance to helping blue chip clients get the most out of their advertising. She now leads the BASES Advertising Practice for Europe. 

Jane regularly speaks about consumer behaviour at industry conferences as well as on TV and Radio. 

portrait of Joshua Balsters

Dr Joshua Balsters

Neuroscience expert  

With over 15 years of academic and industry experience, Josh has a unique scientific approach that combines in-depth theoretical knowledge with an understanding of real-world impact. His mission is to advance the field of consumer neuroscience and help clients make informed decisions based on best-in-class research and technology. 

Portrait of Smruti Kulkarni

Smruti Kulkarni

Europe Design Lead 

With a background in consulting, market research, and technology, Smruti has worked with hundreds of brands across CPG and restaurant industries to help them develop shopper-centric packs and products. In addition to leading the European BASES & Neuro Design Practice Area, Smruti has been responsible for consumer research projects on sustainability at BASES Europe and has presented insights on how to drive sustainable shopper behaviors at international industry events. Smruti leverages her experience in behavioral science and technology to help brands develop packaging innovations that are both planet-friendly and consumer-centric. 

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