eTail 2023

Welcome to Asia’s premier e-commerce & digital marketing retail summit

June 6-8, 2023 | Singapore

Powering the future of measurement

It is true that e-commerce saw unprecedented growth during Covid-19. However, even with more brick-and-mortar stores welcoming back consumers, e-commerce has not lost its luster. Online and offline co-exist in today’s omni world and it’s important to understand how consumer behavior is shifting across both.

Explore the hidden secrets of online retail with NIQ expert Vaughan Ryan, MD – E-commerce, Asia Pacific, where he will showcase the continuing importance of online shopping, especially to price-conscious consumers as they navigate the rising prices of goods. The session will also highlight the risks of not having a proper online strategy and the blind spots when it comes to tracking and measurement.

Vaughan will be joined by George Ni, Digital Commercial Director for BIG (Coca-Cola Bottler), to share his experiences and learnings when adapting their business to the digital commerce world.


Vaughan Ryan

Managing Director, E-commerce, Asia Pacific

Vaughan Ryan currently serves as the Managing Director for NIQ’s e-commerce business in Asia Pacific.

In this role, he leads his team in helping companies understand the consumers’ full shopping journey across both the offline and online environments. He is deeply devoted to making businesses better by understanding what their customers want and desire, not only today but more importantly into the future. He is passionate about understanding both current and future market trends and how this impacts consumer behavior.

His areas of specialization include Online retailing, FMCG, the liquor industry, Finance, P&L, Consultancy, Consumer Research, Market Research, Learning and Development, Recruitment, and Team Management. Having been able to do this in multiple markets in Australia, Europe, U.S., Canada and Asia, he has become a highly respected industry expert who has presented to the C-suite of various major companies and at industry events.

Vaughan holds a master’s degree in International Business from Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia.

George Ni

Digital Commercial Director
Coca-Cola Bottler Investment Group (BIG)

George Ni has 20+ years of sales and commercial leadership experience across e-commerce B2C, digital B2B, omni-channel development, key account management, trade marketing, route-to-market (RTM) and field sales operation. He currently leads digital commercial strategy for Coca-Cola Bottler Investment Group (BIG) in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Middle East markets, based out of Singapore since 2021.

Prior to Singapore, George was the leader of commercial execution, digital RTM transformation and Retail O2O management in Coca-Cola China, where he initiated eCommerce partnership with JD and Alibaba, established Coca-Cola China online flagship store, and D2C mini program.

He is a key member of the China FMCG eCommerce Committee and has been awarded multiple awards by the industry and leading eCommerce players.