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Greece Shopper Trends Event 2023

March 30th 2023
09:30 am – 16:00 pm
Anassa City Events

Brace for making impact: Activating insights to address market uncertainties

Turn off the screens, Shopper Trends Event is back in physical mode with a full day agenda, impactful and interactive content.

When: March 30th 2023, 9:30 am – 16:00 pm
Where: Anassa City Events

Topics to be covered
Topics to be covered

1 Greek Retail

2022 Retail Battlefield
Market Overview & Retail Landscape:

Alexandros Floros, Retail Vertical Leader Mediterranean cluster

Market Overview, e-commerce

Panayotic Gezerlis, Founder & President at Convert Group

Shopper Insights

Konstantinos Angeloloukas, Senior Sales & Engagement Executive

Retailers Performace

Maria Mermigki, Account Manager Consumer Insights

Shopper Segmentation

Vivi Papadopoulou, Customer Success Leader Greece

3 What lies ahead 2023

Consumer Outlook

Dorina Fydani, Consumer Insights Leader

CEO Outlook

Vaios Dimoragas, President and Managing Director Greece & Bulgaria

4 Navigating Inflation

Price Changes: Prompting a behavioral shift?

Anastasis Panousopoulos, Advanced Analytics
Client Business Partner

Shoppers response to Household basket

Nikoletta Sperelaki, Regional Client Business Partner

Panel Discussion

Key stakeholders of the industry will share their views on the changing environment

Reports availability & registration details

Through your participation in the event, your company will have access to the detailed findings/reports for the following studies recently conducted in the Greek market:


  • 2022 Retail Battlefield Market Overview & Retail Landscape
  • E-commerce Market Overview
  • Shopper Trends 2023, n=1.000 amongst Grocer Shoppers (Nov 2022) including Global and European benchmarks as well as historical data
  • Consumer Outlook Study 2023, n=600 amongst Greeks representative population (March 2023)
  • CEO Outlook Study 2023
  • Household Basket: The impact on shopper decision making process, n=600 amongst Greeks representative population (March 2023)
  • Thought Leadership deck on Pricing

Investment scheme:

Registration fee per Company:

  • Up to 3 participants: € 2.400
  • For every additional participant: € 150

The above fees do not include VAT

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