Man with blue shirt holding product looking at the label in a store aisle

Masterclass: Harnessing the Power of Product Attributes: Expert Insights from Industry Leaders

September 6, 2023, 1:00 p.m. EST

Watch NIQ dynamic senior leader, Jim Presley, SVP of Manufacturer Analytics

in a Masterclass on how product attribute data can accelerate success in manufacturing and retail (media) industries. Our expert panel includes Gregory Younkie, Sr. Manager, NA Data Strategy, Kraft Heinz and retail partners who will share their valuable insights and experiences on discoverability and audience targeting.

Jim and partners will uncover how harnessing the power of product attribute data can generate meaningful insights for businesses and drive strategic decisions.

Join us for this dynamic conversation that includes:

  • How to adjust your strategy to align with market demand
  • Use attribute data to create more personalized and targeted campaigns
  • Insight into action to expand into new categories and unlock growth
Greg Younkie

Gregory Younkie
Senior Manager, NA | Data Strategy
The Kraft Heinz Company

Gregory Younkie is a Senior Manager, North America Data Strategy at The Kraft Heinz Company, where he brings his expertise in data science, data strategy, and strategic partnerships to drive growth for Kraft Heinz. With a strong passion for big data and its applications, Gregory has established himself as a skilled consultant in the fields of data science and company data strategy, with over 15 years of experience spanning military, CPG, and big data analytics. With a Master’s degree in Data Science from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor’s degree from Saint Louis University, Gregory possesses a strong educational background that complements his practical experience in the field.

Jim Presley
SVP, Manufacturer Analytics

Jim Presley is the General Manager / SVP of North American Wellness, Sustainability, Survey, and Segmentation at NIQ where he shapes the strategic direction of businesses with alignment to trends, products, and thought leadership. Jim has been the architect of numerous industry first solutions and capabilities.

He is passionate about identifying creative solutions that drive positive change within the industry and coaching the talented teams that support those efforts. He began his career in large CPG, spent a decade in the advertising technology space, became a startup founder and principle, and has spent the last 4 years in the market research / data as a service industry. Jim speaks at several industry events and conferences and is published in Shopper Marketing Magazine.