Dr. Elise Temple’s Speaking Experience

Dr. Elise Temple, renowned for her dynamic and impactful speaking, brings a wealth of experience from her tenures at Dartmouth and Cornell. As a sought-after speaker, she has lent her influential voice to major brands and conferences worldwide, leaving a lasting impression with her powerful insights and expertise.

Dr. Elise Temple

Vice President, Neuroscience & Client Service 

Dr. Temple earned her PhD in Neurosciences from Stanford Medical School and holds a BS in Psychology & Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Oregon. She served as a professor at Cornell and Dartmouth, heading the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab and the Educational Neuroscience Lab. Dr. Temple has authored over two dozen papers, cited by over 4000 others. In 2010, she joined Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, leading neuroscience efforts for major clients. She is passionate about making neuroscience accessible for impactful business solutions while maintaining scientific rigor.

Session experience 1

C360 NIQ Conference

Speaking at C360, an NIQ event, Dr. Temple delved into how BASES’s ad team increased ROI and emotional engagement through powerful, impactful advertising campaigns leveraging neuroscience learnings. This case study shows how this impactful partnership developed and enhanced our client’s most successful campaigns in 2022, from idea through to creative execution, revealing the ongoing impact of the campaign on sales.

Session experience 2

Cincinnati Women Leaders annual conference

Dr. Temple provided invaluable insights into personal and professional growth. Dr. Elise Temple shared strategies on recognizing and enhancing individual worth, navigating career development, and cultivating a strong sense of value in various aspects of life

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