Megan Belden’s Speaking Experience

Renowned for her captivating presentations, Megan Belden masterfully intertwines expertise in advertising and neuroscience, leaving a lasting impact on audiences with a demonstrated commitment to inclusivity.

Megan Belden

Vice President, Global Lead Advertising 

Megan Belden is VP, Global Lead for NIQ BASES Advertising. Megan is an expert in providing advertising consulting through neuroscience research for many of Nielsen IQ’s top clients and the world’s largest creative agencies. Megan has been at NielsenIQ for over 13 years with prior roles in data analytics for key clients like P&G, McDonald’s, Walmart, Mars, and Nestle.  She is the global executive sponsor for Nielsen IQ’s disability employee resource group, leading core initiatives that have earned Nielsen IQ a top score on the global Disability Equality Index. Megan is based in Cincinnati, OH and has earned her MBA in Pricing Analytics from Xavier University.

Session experience 1

ANA Neuroscience Day

Megan Belden collaborated with her client, Mars Wrigley, and presented an evaluation, diagnosis, and optimization of the “Time to Shine TV” campaign. Utilizing integrated EEG, Eye-Tracking, and Facial Coding insights, the team uncovered the ‘why’ behind the ad’s effectiveness and provided the business with straightforward and actionable recommendations to optimize brand communications.

Session experience 2

Neuromarketing World Forum

Megan Belden presented findings on the factors influencing behavioral outcomes in the realm of digital and mobile advertising. Mars collaborated with Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience to decipher how neuroscience metrics measuring attention, emotion, and memory processing in TV advertising correlated with consumer behaviors on the smaller screen (mobile).

Session experience 3

Cincinnati Women’s Leadership Summit

Megan addressed the promotion of inclusivity in the workplace, overcoming gender barriers, honing effective leadership skills, and navigating the distinct challenges encountered by women in leadership roles. She emphasized the significance of mentorship, networking, and establishing a supportive environment to foster the professional growth of women.

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