Financial Services

Maximize your return on financial innovation

Customers expect the same high standards of tech experiences as they interact with financial products.

We are already observing many organizations providing easier access to services through mobile apps and personalized interactions, but there is more to come…

Innovation has never been more important to stay ahead of competition

Success of Financial propositions


Competitive financial strategy & innovation whitespaces

  • Whitespace identification
  • Early ideation prioritization
  • Customer audience identification & profiling
  • Uncover brand’s true implicit identity and fit between brands


Positioning evaluation & potential

  • Bundle development & feature prioritization
  • Financial ideas screening
  • Concept & message development
  • Concept testing and benchmarking potential


Optimize communication & portfolio management

  • Forecasting downloads/account openings
  • Advertising & asset refinement
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Credit cards design optimization

Success of Financial propositions boils down to:

Financial service areas of customer insights

Our solutions



Global & local expertise

Real, first-time-right reliable customer data with integrity, security and confidentiality.

Global and local innovation expert teams.


Agile tools

Our “quick” digital solutions are now used more commonly than their analog equivalent.

Digital + Experts = Fast & Trusted Insights.


Modern methods

5-10% of revenue goes toward R&D

Over 20 neuroscience PhDs

Major investments in AI and Machine Learning.

Thought Leadership

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U.S., Germany, India, Brazil

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