NIQ Activate powered by Google Cloud

Power engagements that matter for retailers, brands and their customers

Enhance your shopper experience

The retail industry is still enduring the stresses of climbing inflation and business costs. Signs of these falling are only just starting to peek over the horizon. The cumulative effect is that consumers have had to strap in for the ride. Their purchasing behaviors have spiraled in new directions as a result. Retailers and brands are investing in data-driven strategies, with personalization at the core to give shoppers confidence they’re buying products aligned to their specific needs and values.

In today’s dynamic marketplace, how do you activate the power of your data to augment your customer experience and stimulate profitable growth?

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NIQ Activate

The new offering will combine NIQ Activate’s advanced AI technology and industry-leading data and insights with Google Cloud’s powerful infrastructure, data and AI cloud capabilities to help businesses make better decisions.