Let’s Talk Consumer Behavior

The more the market changes, the more you Need to Know. NIQ is here to talk solutions and help you stay ahead of it all. Tell us your biggest “Need to Know” right now, and we’ll deliver the insights, guidance, and the Full View that keeps you in the know. 

Need To Know Poll Results

In the first 2024 Need to Know Poll, you told us your biggest need to know right now is “Shifting Consumer Behavior.”

Learn more about the things you really Need to Know when it comes to understanding and adapting to Shifting Consumer Behavior below.

Consumer Outlook 2024

6 consumer sentiment-driven strategies to power growth and capture spending

Consumers have been tested in more ways than one over the past year—and beyond. Pockets of growth have emerged as consumers pivot spending behaviors to survive and thrive. Dive into a high-level view of this year’s global report.

Last Time on Need to Know: Pricing & Promotion  

In our last Need to Know poll, CPG brands agreed that building a successful Pricing and Promotion strategy can be challenging. Between inflationary pressures and shifting consumer behaviors, CPG brands have a lot to consider.

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