Non-Alcohol: An Anytime Alternative 

Dive into Non-alcoholic Beer, Wine and Spirits performance 

The market value of the Non-Alcohol industry has grown by an impressive 31%, amounting to roughly $510 million in revenue. Are you keeping tabs on this emerging market? If not, you’re potentially jeopardizing the growth and success of your brand’s short- and long-term success.  As drinkers and consumers increasingly prefer certain purchase values, like premiumization, convenience, and health and wellness, distributors are taking notice, and so should you. 

Our latest Non-Alcohol sales report provides you with a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide on where this trend is now, and where it will be moving forward. Through year-by-year breakdowns and regional reporting, you’ll have an unrivaled, in-depth look at metrics like: 

  • Complex takeaways of which spirits category is growing fastest. 
  • Highly accurate profiles of consumers by age, household size, income and even racial ethnicity. 
  • Helpful suggestions and ideas for adjusting your BevAl marketing approach in order to ensure continued success and growth. 
  • A one-of-a-kind look at Omnichannel shopper sizes and comparisons between categories. 
  • And much more… 

Download the report to see what is driving this lucrative trend, and what you need to do to take full advantage.