Snack is the new black: Understanding in-the-moment consumption


Janey Yu
Vice President, NielsenIQ Consumer Insights

Leyna Chovan
Associate Client Manager, NielsenIQ Consumer Insights

Times have changed. In the face of global economic challenges, the average consumer’s eating habits have evolved. Over 50% of consumers have changed their eating habits in the past 2 years, and traditional mealtimes like breakfast, lunch, and dinner are quickly becoming obsolete.

As consumer behavior shifts away from 3 square meals a day, clear trends have begun to emerge. Full meals are now reserved for sharing and connection with others. With everyone snacking throughout the day, nearly 40% of consumers prioritize consuming healthy snacks.

The data goes on to show that consumers still indulge when they can, with nearly 25% of consumers confirming they still appreciate a sweet snack. In fact, those indulgences are the same snacks that 30% of consumers share the most with friends and family.

These emerging trends are just a brief look into our latest consumer behavior deep dive. Take a look at our ‘Snack is The New Black’ presentation to access, among other things:

  • Snack Demographics Data
  • SKU Verified Consumption Data
  • Snack Consumption Frequency Data

To learn more about the evolving eating habits of consumers, and how you can adapt your messaging and strategy to accommodate them, join Janey Yu and Leyna Chovan as they take a closer look at what makes Snack the New Black.

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