Efficient Assortment Management

During the workshop you will

  • Learn the process that will help you optimize the product range for your categories​
  • Analyze factors that influence assortment decisions from a shopper, retailer and manufacturer perspective​
  • Relate the assortment decisions with the Category Management process​
  • NEW: Manage categories in teams in a life-like simulation: create an assortment that will drive revenue and profit using the techniques learnt.​

The training was really great, I enjoyed it very much. I really believe it will be beneficial for my everyday job.
 I found it clear and very structured. It was good to hear that in this way.

Average rating 4,8/5
100% recommendation rate for this program around the world
Hundreds of FMCG professionals trained


Category managers, buyers, KAMs, trade marketing, brand managers, consumer/ shopper insight managers, business analysts, merchandising managers, space and assortment planners​


Intermediate (recommended for those with prior experience in CatMan)​


April 23-24, 2024 – Online, Multimarket, English


Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Assortment Management Introduction 
    What is Assortment Management?​
    Benefits and challenges
    Assortment Management process​
  • Shopper Centric Category Management Review
    8 step process recap​
  • Assortment Management process
    How many products to have in the assortment?
    How to split the products by segments?​
  • Data Sources Integration
    Shopper facts selection criteria​
    Retailer facts selection criteria
    Manufacturer facts selection criteria​​
  • Simulation game
    Introduction and the first decisions​​

Day 2

  • Day 1 Review
  • Step 4: Assortment Management Process
    Product delisting​
    Product addition​
    Product validation
  • Simulation game
    Feedback and completion of the first full round​
    Feedback and second full round​
  • Launching new products
  • Game results and feedback

Fees & Discounts

Early bird discount if registration is formalized at least one month before the workshop takes place. Group discounts apply for 2 and more participants from the same company or a participant attending more than one workshop. Comprehensive course materials, case studies and individual certificates are included.

For more information

Aiste Kuke | aiste.kuke@nielseniq.com | (+370) 681 63034 /LT, ENG, RU/