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NIQ delivers new pathways to growth and consumer understanding for manufacturers and retailers across the consumer packaged goods space, government agencies, financial service companies and more.

Featured Industries
Featured Industries

Beauty and Personal Care

We offer expert analysis and insights on the trends latest trends in the beauty, personal care, and healthcare space.

Beverage Alcohol

NIQ provides robust, comprehensive insights and on- and off-premise measurement for the beverage alcohol industry.

Financial services

We provide hedge funds, investment banks, asset managers, private equity investors and venture capitalists with a complete and actionable understanding of the evolving global, omnichannel consumer.


Sitting at the intersection of public and private sectors, NIQ’s actionable intelligence and insights assist policymakers with strategic decision-making and assessments.

Health & Wellness

We help brands and retailers stay ahead of trends and track consumer attitudes towards health, wellness, and sustainability in CPG .

Media and AdTech

NIQ helps you understand the impact and effectiveness of advertising on sales and consumer behavior, and the levers you can pull to optimize campaigns and drive outcomes.


Our suite of packaging solutions provides a comprehensive global view of retail CPG sales data and consumer behavior insights.


We offer the most complete coverage of the pet market, with consumer intelligence in pet consumables and supplies.

Industry Resources
Industry Resources

Supporting small to mid-size businesses

Visibility is a priority for small businesses. Gain market share and stay ahead of competitions by leveraging comprehensive data and insights.

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