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Webinar: Make category management pivotal to your strategic growth in a consumer recession

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Make your assortment strategy work for you

While assortment is getting harder, your competitors are looking for every edge. Stay ahead with proactive strategy and solutions to simplify the complexity of the changing retail and manufacturing landscape.

Webinar description

The FMCG retail industry within Europe, Middle East and Africa is being shaped by significant macro economical forces. Emerging from the shadow of COVID19, to hyper inflation and the impacts of the war in Ukraine, changes in consumer behaviour are more significant now than we have seen for many years.

As an FMCG manufacturer you should act NOW if you are to see growth during a consumer recession in 2023 and potentially beyond.

Join us while Regan Leggett (Foresight lead at NielsenIQ) introduces us to the struggle consumers are facing and how we expect to see them pivot their spending priorities in 2023.

NielsenIQ expert, Agnes Szucs Villanyi (Advanced Analytics leader, Eastern Europe) will show how effective category management provides the building blocks for strategic success. Agnes will dive into techniques for achieving an optimized assortment, with real-life case studies of the outcomes when executed correctly!

We will dive deeper into our topic for further insight with a panel discussion chaired by Simon Trott (Advanced Analytics leader, Western Europe).

Our panel will be made up of industry leading experts within category management who will share their thoughts on the challenges facing category managers today and use their vast experience to advise and guide on achieving success in the future.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The significance of a consumer recession and how this is likely to impact your shoppers
  • The relevance of category management to enable strategic decision making
  •  The winning recipe for assortment optimizaton
  • The importance of appreciating true incrementality in your assortment

Webinar Snapshot Content

Download a snapshot of the main insights we covered on the webinar: Make category management pivotal to your strategic growth in a consumer recession.

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