CMA 2024

Annual Category Management
& Shopper Insights Conference

Hyatt Regency, Dallas TX

Booth 205

February 25 – Feb 28, 2024

Grow your category and elevate your brand in 2024

Join us at CMA to uncover key strategies in consumer packaged goods, unlocking The Full View™ of buyer behavior.

NIQ Speaking Session

Promote Less to Attract more Valuable Shoppers

Tuesday Feb 27th | 12:00 -1:30 p.m.

Steve Zurek

VP, Thought Leadership Analytics Solutions

The CPG industry had the chance to hit the reset button on promotions post-pandemic, but early signs indicate a return to detrimental habits and subpar promotional strategies.

The consumer remains uncertain about distinguishing between good and exceptional promotions, presenting an opportunity to craft a promotion playbook in 2024 that transcends low-quality discounting practices. However, time is running out.

In 2024, it’s the final opportunity to discard ineffective promotion practices in favor of sustainable, shopper-driven, and more profitable strategies for both manufacturers and retailers.

Consider the following and if you’re uncertain for any one of them, this session is a must-attend for you:

  • Do I understand my brand loyalty with my consumers?
  • Am I growing my loyalists and converting my value seekers to loyalists to my brands?
  • Are my brands driving profits for my retailers?
  • Am I driving share growth or share shift?
  • Are my promotions driving incrementality or am I giving money away?

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Bianca Piluso

Analytics Revenue Optimizer

Erica Harrison

Analytics Shelf Architect

Jacqueline Joseph

Analytics Precision Areas

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