Pangborn 2023

Sensory Science Symposium

Nantes, France

Booth 19

20-24 August 2023 


Ready to elevate your innovations and activate for success?

Join us at the 15th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium to see how NielsenIQ BASES can help you reach success

Meet our experts


Chris Sinclair

Global Head, BASES
Sensory Testing

Paige Leonard

Product Optimization

Jackie Tarran

Global Growth & Business Enablement

Our solutions


BASES Creative Product AI

AI trains & learns from in-market products

》More than 15,000 in-market products used to train BASES Creative Product AI, with more added each week

》3,500+ sensory attributes

Incorporation of consumer liking, AI Sensory data, and consumer demographics from 37 countries


Product Optimization

Diagnose your product performance and optimize for consumer success.



Use consumer AI to identify better ideas, faster. Go from exploration to prioritization, fast.



Create superior brand communications by directly measuring consumer responses from the brain.


All Services

Reveal new paths to success, elevated by superior foresight and behavioral data.

Case study


Our Blind Consumer Testing revealed improvements of a current product was needed to be successful in market with AI testing the current product along with 8 new prototypes and 3 additional in-market products.

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