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Potential, Unlocked  

The key to success lies in uncovering consumer perceptions: From the practical (“do I have permission?”) to the strategic (“am I positioned to win?”). Let’s explore ways to boost your growth potential.

Optimizing Growth ⋙ 

As economic challenges shift us to a new world of worth, we examine price and value, innovation vitality, and the levers businesses can pull to thrive in a changing economic landscape

Bold Innovators Win

Innovation has never been more challenging—or critical to your bottom line. From right-sizing your portfolio for economic headwinds to decision-making with valid, reliable data, we’ll help you win the long race for innovation success.

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Masterclass On-demand

Innovator’s guide to success in inflationary times

Masterclass On-demand

Innovator’s Guide to Measuring Emotional Engagement

Masterclass On-demand

The Innovator’s Guide to Pricing Under Inflationary Pressure

Masterclass On-demand

The Innovator’s Guide to Vitality

Masterclass On-demand

The Innovator’s Guide to Brand Extendibility

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Transform your journey towards professional excellence and personal fulfillment

Despite economic uncertainties, manufacturers who innovate are gaining distribution, market share and competitive advantage. Learn which key actions can help fortify your innovation strategy in our latest analysis.

Innovation: A key driver of growth

There’s an art and a science to optimizing the right price, pack, and portfolio mix – even more so in a volatile economic environment.

Is your business growing the right way?

Innovators should approach new categories with a consumer-first mindset, ensuring they have permission to stretch.

Say yes to the stretch? Unlock CPG growth potential through category expansion

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NIQ BASES Podcast: Success, Elevated
NIQ BASES Podcast: Success, Elevated
“The resiliency of research done right”

Do people really lie on surveys? Do cost efficiency and speed come at the expense of data quality? And is your System 1 vendor even measuring System 1?

NIQ BASES experts Mike Asche, SVP of Data Evolution, and Dr. Elise Temple, VP of Neuroscience, join our host Courtenay Verret to answer those questions and more in our first episode of Success, Elevated.

“Innovation vitality: The payoff is worth the pursuit”

Join us for an insightful conversation as we debunk the popular urban legend that 95% of all innovations fail.

In this episode, we’ll shed light on the attainability of innovation vitality, with the help of a new report from the BASES Innovation Measurement team and the expertise of three long-term BASES leaders: Managing Director Ramon Melgarejo, former President and current Strategic Advisor Joe Willke, and Global Lead of Innovation Measurement, Mike Jones.

Learn why “success” and “failure” don’t go far enough to describe innovation endurance, and how businesses can work to improve their own vitality rankings. 

“Getting your AI recipe right”

AI experts from the BASES Product Leadership team discuss the democratization of AI that generative tools like ChatGPT has made possible.

The team explores applications and watch-outs, sharing some of the generative AI solutions they’ve been experimenting with at BASES and closing with their “Innovator’s recipe” for effective AI use.

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