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Use consumer AI to identify better ideas, faster

BASES Optimizer helps you go from exploration to prioritization, fast. This patented, consumer-driven, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology explores your next innovation’s many opportunity areas to find the best, holistic propositions to move forward. Quickly and confidently prioritize with BASES Optimizer to ensure investment reaches the highest potential propositions. 

Framework (learnings)
Framework (learnings)

Powerful AI technology 

Narrow millions of possible ideas to the highest potential 6-12 fully formed propositions ready for measurement. All while gaining insight into the top performing themes out of the many possibilities. 

Consumer understanding  

Learn about the consumers whose preferences formed each top proposition, and what other alternatives they are open to. Ensure that your target group objectives are met and discover potential to appeal to new consumer bases.  

Dynamic input exploration  

Be an agile decision-maker with substitutable elements at the ready if best-laid plans change, while also learning more about your overall inputs. 

Continued learnings 

Measure emerging top propositions against each other, competition, or the BASES database to provide additional guidance on proposition prioritization. 

How it works 
How it works 

Design your space

Fuel your inputs with insights from nearly anywhere (e.x. product reviews, R&D teams, consumer tends) and let BASES Optimizer synergize your data sources.


Consumers are screened and profiled. They make simple choices between holistic offerings, designing their preferred combinations. The AI does the heavy lifting in real-time by narrowing down millions of possibilities to your top holistic propositions. 

Get answers

In as little as two weeks, you’ll be equipped with fully formed offerings ready for BASES-connected measurement. Move forward confidently, knowing you’ve identified the best possible holistic propositions from your space.

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