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Inflation: Why are we no longer talking about it?

Breakfast & Insights with NIQ

7 May 2024, Tuesday
7:30 am – 10:30 am
(Check-in starts at 7:30 am)
Harbour 220, Level 15/131 Macquarie St, Sydney, Australia

About the event

Ever felt like talking about inflation is a bit outdated? We get it.

But what if we focus on solutions for your businesses, instead of focusing on problems. Join us for a morning of networking, where we’ll be touching on the following hot topics for the industry:

  • Prices will change, but how can we find the right price to drive sustainable growth?
  • Promotions are always relevant, but can we optimize them for a better return on investment?
  • Effective portfolio management goes beyond simply listing and delisting. How do you prepare your strategy for new products on your shelf?
  • Incrementality is claimed as the most important success measure of innovation, but are preparing your launches to be truly incremental?

7 May 2024, Tuesday
Harbour 220, Level 15/131 Macquarie St, Sydney, Australia