GfK @ TCG Summit 2024

12-14 March

Unique data and insights on the future of tech and retail

Keynote Speaker

Namrata Gotarne

Namrata Gotarne
Global Strategic Insights Director
GfK – an NIQ company

With over 14 years of experience in the Consumer tech and durables industry, Namrata consults with the leading manufacturer and retailer decision makers to bring strategic decision support to industry leaders. 

Namrata worked closely with retailers in the APAC region based in Singapore at GfK, before taking a global role at GfK HQ – Nuremberg in 2020. 

The TCG Summit is the premier international think tank for the Retail Industry, bringing together the brightest minds in tech and durables for unparalleled networking and learning opportunities.  

As the event’s official insights partner, GfK is proud to offer data-driven strategies to help businesses navigate today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities in this fast-paced industry. 

GfK’s Global Strategic Insights Director, Namrata Gotarne, will be attending to deliver her highly anticipated keynote.  

Read more below about how Namrata and her team activate GfK’s unique blend of data, analytics, and market expertise in a way that enables clients to maximize their impact and opportunities in value-centric markets. 

Keynote Presentation: Impact and opportunities amidst value-centric markets

TCG consumers’ behavior and buying trends are evolving rapidly in a global landscape marked by economic fluctuations, political turbulence, and massive technological leaps.

Fundamentally these changing buying behaviors are a reflection of consumer’s evolving perception and expanding definition of what constitutes true “value”. 

In these turbulent times, retailers and manufacturers need to fine-tune their strategies to answer the questions:  

  • How and why is consumer behavior changing to be more value-centric? 
  • How can we resonate with value-centric consumers? 
  • What strategies will enable us to thrive in this new reality? 

Namrata Gotarne’s keynote presentation delivers compelling answers to these questions via insights on the role of innovation, sustainability, and ecosystems in crafting offerings that meet the expanded criteria of consumer value – an idea that will surely be a hot topic in the panel discussion following Namrata’s keynote.  

As a recognized market trends expert in the Technology & Durable sector, Namrata’s keynote leverages GfK’s unique understanding of consumers’ buying behavior – empowering brands and their leaders with trusted market intelligence, technological innovation, science, and human ingenuity. 

Looking to get real value out of the TCG Summit event? This keynote, and the subsequent panel discussion, will be packed with insights you don’t want to miss. 

Meeting with 5 people in a conference room.

2024 TCG outlook

Want to know what to expect this year in the TCG markets? Get expert analysis on consumer sentiment and buying behaviors attached to global economic and socio-political trends. Inform your strategic planning for 2024, focusing on opportunities amidst all the uncertainty.

Meeting with 3 people in a conference room

Stabilizing TCG offers a glimpse of hope for Q4 and beyond

Stabilizing TCG offers a glimpse of hope for Q4 and beyond
Discover how rising consumer expectations are shaping the future of the tech and durables market. Learn how promotions and value-driven strategies are key to engaging today’s savvy consumers.