Consumer Spending Data

Essential Insights for Market Success

What is Consumer Spending Data

Consumer spending data is a comprehensive snapshot of how consumers allocate their financial resources. It encompasses a range of activities from daily purchases to major investments, painting a detailed picture of consumer behavior, preferences, and economic health. This data is pivotal for businesses seeking to understand the ever-evolving market landscape.

Why is it Important for Companies?

For companies, consumer spending data is a strategic asset. It informs product development, marketing strategies, and market positioning. By analyzing this data, businesses can identify emerging trends, adapt to changing consumer needs, and make informed decisions that drive growth and competitiveness.


Consumer and Shopper Insights

Understand consumer and shopper behavior, demographics, and loyalty with modern, representative consumer panels and customer survey capabilities.

Financial Well-being

Financial well-being for consumers signifies a state of economic stability, where they can comfortably manage expenses and make informed purchasing decisions. This concept is crucial for companies as it directly influences consumer spending patterns. Industries like FMCG, retail, and e-commerce are particularly sensitive to shifts in financial well-being, as these sectors rely heavily on discretionary spending. By understanding the financial health of their consumer base, businesses can tailor their offerings, adjust pricing strategies, and align marketing efforts to resonate with the current economic climate of their target market.

Retail & Consumer Products

In the retail industry, consumer spending data is indispensable. It informs inventory management, pricing strategies, and promotional campaigns. Retailers can leverage this data to understand consumer preferences and shopping behaviors, enabling them to offer personalized experiences and products that resonate with their target audience. NIQ and GfK, with their expertise in consumer data analysis, provide invaluable insights into consumer spending patterns, helping retailers make data-driven decisions that enhance customer engagement and drive sales.

Travel & Hospitability

In the travel and hospitality industry, consumer spending data is vital for understanding customer preferences and behaviors. This data helps businesses in this sector tailor their services, pricing, and marketing strategies to meet the evolving needs of travelers. By analyzing spending patterns, travel and hospitality companies can identify emerging trends, optimize their offerings, and create personalized experiences that attract and retain customers. NIQ and GfK’s expertise in consumer data analysis provides invaluable insights that can help these businesses stay competitive in a dynamic market.


The automotive industry can leverage consumer spending data to gain insights into consumer preferences and market trends, guiding production and marketing strategies. This data is particularly important for understanding the demand for different vehicle types, including electric vehicles, and for tailoring offerings to meet consumer needs. By utilizing consumer spending data, automotive companies can make informed decisions that enhance their competitiveness and align with market demands.


In industries such as FMCG, retail, and e-commerce, understanding customer purchase drivers through consumer spending data is essential for strategic decision-making. This data provides insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling businesses to tailor their offerings, optimize marketing strategies, and stay ahead of the competition. NIQ and GfK, with their deep expertise in consumer data analysis, offer a range of tools and services that help businesses unlock the full potential of consumer spending data. By leveraging these resources, companies can gain a comprehensive understanding of their target market, driving growth and success in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Explore our range of solutions to harness the full potential of consumer spending data:

  • NielsenIQ’s Homescan: Track, diagnose, and analyze consumer behavior from more than 250,000 households across 25 countries.
  • NielsenIQ’s OmnishopperCapture consumer purchases across online and offline channels for a complete view of changing omnichannel behaviors.
  • Consumer analytics: Go deeper and create more clarity around shopper behavior with custom surveys and segmentation.
  • Consumption momentsReveal the true motivations behind customer consumption behavior and usage to guide product innovation and marketing strategy.
  • gfknewron Consumer: Understand your consumers’ behavior to redefine your success
  • gfknewron Consumer Audience Profiler: Simplify the complex consumer journey into a single framework to know your buyers better than ever before
  • GfK Consumer Life: A robust and stable international consumer segmentation study based on values, lifestyle, buying behavior and affinity for tech. Can be customized by market and product.