Trends shaping the global FMCG retail landscape 


Trends shaping the global FMCG retail landscape 

The FMCG retail landscape has evolved rapidly amidst the backdrop of the pandemic. Expect further changes in consumers’ choice of retail channels as the impact of rising prices and supply chain challenges intensify. 

Understanding global consumer behavior

The ever-changing retail landscape is constantly putting pressure on manufacturers and retailers, making it tougher to stay relevant and ensuring growth for their business. 

NielsenIQ’s industry-leading Retail Measurement Services (RMS) has identified new and meaningful shifts in the current consumer behavior around the globe. 

Our data reveals an exponential rise in the importance of e-commerce in Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific, with 72% and nearly 50% value growth, respectively.  

The easing of mobility restrictions has also paved the way for the resurgence of physical stores such as traditional channels in Latin America, which recorded 22.6% value growth, and the healthy performance of discounters and convenience stores in Western Europe. Hypermarkets and supermarkets continue to dominate in Africa and the Middle East with 18.7% value growth in Q1 2022

To learn more, download the NielsenIQ Global Retail Snapshot. With this report, you’ll be able to leverage the power of data to help you create competitive advantages and drive positive outcomes for your businesses. 

Key highlights of the report include: 

  • The latest trends in the FMCG retail channel and performance by region 
  • Insights into why and how these trends are evolving 
  • What to expect in consumers’ behavior  

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