The Long-Term Strategy for AI Success?

A Partner Who Delivers the “Full Package”: Experience, Human & Artificial Intelligence, and Best-in-Class Data Governance & Stewardship


The Long-Term Strategy for AI Success?

A Partner Who Delivers the “Full Package”: Experience, Human & Artificial Intelligence, and Best-in-Class Data Governance & Stewardship

  • Despite the rapid advancement of AI-related technologies, and the speed at which teams are implementing them, unknowns abound.
  • NIQ’s been privileged to get a front-row view to how the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers are strategizing, and subsequently implementing, when it comes to AI.
  • Read on to find out why NIQ is the premier partner to today’s top manufacturers and retailers.

An AI-arms race is, without question, afoot.

Nearly every leader of today’s CPG and technology & durables industries has been tasked with the successful development and implementation of AI-related tools – oh, and they’ve been told to make it happen faster than their competition as well. An AI arms race is, without question, afoot.

Despite the rapid advancement of AI-related technologies, and the speed at which teams are implementing them, unknowns abound. These unknowns range from operational (“Do we have the resources to get all of this done?”) to competitive (“Is ‘Brand B’ moving faster than we are?”). Suffice it to say, not a brand out there has yet to figure it all out.

One of the most fundamental questions brands must answer when developing their AI strategy is: “Which partner should we bring in to help us accelerate our efforts?”

We believe we’re that partner, and we possess this belief because AI expertise in isolation doesn’t deliver the “full package” organizations need to win in this space. “Intelligence” is in our name for a reason – but it’s not solely artificial, machine-driven intelligence. It’s also the human intelligence that stems from our rich, 100+ year history, 90-country footprint, and ~30,000 associates, all yielding unparalleled expertise and industry insights. Expertise and insights that, when coupled with our AI/ML capabilities, help position our clients to win for decades.

Of course, we understand that your team will conduct a thorough evaluation of which partner(s) to bring in to augment your AI/ML strategy (and to subsequently implement it). When conducting said evaluation:


Select the partner with the best data.
To the data victor goes the spoils, and quality AI output depends on having the highest-quality inputs. This includes both depth and breadth of data. The most successful brands will collaborate with their partner to ensure their data sources are connected.


Choose a partner that was in the AI game long before AI was trendy.

When choosing a partner, make sure they have deep-seated roots in large-scale data aggregation and analysis, boast a proven track record of ML/AI implementation, and aren’t simply “PR-ing” their AI and ML bona fides.


Verify that your partner has data stewardship and governance protocols in place that minimize future-state risks.

Remember: All data suppliers count on their own partners to provide clients with best-in-class data. Without the right governance and stewardship in place, a supplier is at risk of losing access to that data, which would have extensive negative consequences – for both their future and yours.


Find a partner that’s able to point to real, observed AI traction and successes.

Most succinctly: Your data supplier should be able to explain to you how what they’re building, relative to AI/ML, will benefit you and your organization.

Experience Matters. Period.

Let’s Win Bigger (and More Often)​ as a Team​

Our position here is simple: We exist to help our partners win and, in turn, we win. Therefore, in the most foundational sense, NIQ was built to collaborate and drive mutually beneficial outcomes.

Having been involved in countless AI-focused conversations with brands and retailers, we’ve seen firsthand which brands are accelerating and which ones aren’t. The common theme for those that are winning? Leveraging the assets and expertise of their partners (like NIQ) to multiply the great work their teams are doing internally and to ensure the highest degree of insight and accuracy possible.

The better the data inputs, the better the output. Even small variations in data quality can have a huge impact on the accuracy of the output. Think a 5% variance isn’t material? Please give us a call.

Granularity is even more important; the more granular the data input, the better off your AI-generated output is going to be. What is a “good number” when it comes to modeling, you ask? The short answer is that more is more, and the limit does not exist. What we can clearly quantify, however, is the number of queries our team ran in the last week of December 2023 alone: 6.7 trillion transactions. For comparison, the total global credit card transactions processed in 2022 were estimated at 678 billion.1

NIQ is positioned to ingest, cleanse, attribute, enrich, process, harmonize, and analyze data at a scale that would be nearly impossible to replicate. And, as we mentioned earlier, this was all done with you in mind. So, the question we’d like to pose to you is: “How can we work together to connect previously disparate data sources – at scale?” Don’t try to go it alone; we can activate (and win) far more if we work together.

678 billion

​estimated total global credit card transactions processed in 2022 

6.7 trillion​

number of queries NIQ ran in the last week of December alone​

But – Specifically – How Does This All Benefit Our Clients?

As we mentioned, we’re a brand that’s been in the AI game for quite some time. That means we’ve had the time to build some pretty incredible AI/ML solutions, and we’re excited to share how that experience translates to value for our clients. Meet NIQ Labs.

NIQ Labs is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at harnessing the collective power of top-tier talent and capabilities acquired through strategic M&As. Positioned as an innovation powerhouse, NIQ Labs stands poised to pioneer the future of inventive products and solutions – aimed at tackling client-specific challenges. Over the past two years, NIQ has invested over $1 billion in new data and capabilities to build a Full View of consumer shopping behavior that helps solve our clients’ challenges and reveal pathways to growth. Coupled with these investments, NIQ Labs taps into an extensive array of data assets, employing intuitive business intelligence tools that offer detailed market insights and predictive analytics driven by generative AI (GenAI) and authoritative data science.

NIQ Labs brings together an impressive pool of ~400 engineers, data scientists, and technicians who possess exceptionally specialized skill sets. This talented cohort serves as our dedicated innovation engine, focusing on the challenges that impact our clients most – via cutting-edge technological solutions – working alongside ~3,000 engineers and ~700 data scientists who operate in NIQ’s broader business operations.

The core objective is fostering scalable innovation within the NIQ ecosystem. Further, by prioritizing data integrity and security, we’re helping to ensure a reliable foundation for AI utilization, resulting in unprecedented innovations.

This tailored approach empowers our clients to make informed decisions, ensure data consistency, and safeguard stakeholder interests. With NIQ on your side, your team can depend on reduced inconsistencies, minimized errors, and enhanced data value.


If, like most manufacturers and retailers, you have aggressive AI/ML growth plans, pick the partner that has proven it can help you get there – and get you there faster. NIQ was in the business of AI long before it was trendy, and no other organization in the CPG, technology & durables, or retail space has the depth and breadth of data that NIQ possesses. Similarly, no one across these industries has built a more robust network of relationships with retailers and/or other third-party data suppliers – ensuring you have the connected data sets you need to maximize success for your AI efforts. NIQ leads with ethics; we’ll never compromise our partners’ relationships or trust, and there is no organization in the industry with a more seasoned, talented group of associates – layering unparalleled human intelligence into the AI equation outlined above.

Finally, we’ll continue to relentlessly invest to ensure that your team not only stays one step ahead of the latest developments when it comes to AI/ML but also one step ahead of what’s to come – before new trends have even been identified.

We’d love to chat with you about your organization’s AI plans.
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