WordPress v6.5 QA Testing


WordPress v6.5 QA Testing

please DO NOT alter or modify any part of this document except where explicitly indicated. | Tuesday, August 29, 2023 | 10:38 AM

Created by:                                   Amanda Nichols
Developer:                                    Edison Calle
Company:                                      NielsenIQ
Date Modified:                            04/11/2024
Version:                                          WordPress QA Test v6.5
Dev Story: NIQD-1181 – Tests WordPress 6.5 “Regina Carter” Update on QA

ORIGINAL: NIQD-1181 – Tests WordPress 6.5 “Regina Carter” Update on QA


The purpose of this QA testing is to ensure all the core and custom NIQ blocks function as intended. This post or page was built from scratch with each element deriving directly from the WP v6.5 editor toolbox library.

Also, this page serves as our QA test documentation report as well as a WordPress v.6.5 live QA test post. This special QA post can also be useful as template/test page or insightful training material to anyone.

Moreover, this page along with all its elements were entirely and organically produced from WordPress v6.5 platform – NIQ and core blocks, no imported or duplicated blocks from the previous version WordPress v6.4.


Acceptance Criteria TODO

  • Update QA environment with RC WordPress 6.5
  • Regressive test of WordPress 6.5
  • Report findings of regressive test of WordPress 6.5
  • Edison reviews findings and decide new stories or fix in same story


Testing Environments


Targeted Blocks

  • Block Editor
  • Custom NielsenIQ Blocks
  • Custom block patterns
  • ACF meta fields
  • Smartlist block
  • MSD forms block
  • Site search
  • Site pagination

2. overview & dISCRIPTION

We’d need to test functionality of the back-end and front-end for these sites for any possible issues as well as make a note of new WP enhancements for us to adopt.

Moreover, all NIQ custom blocks are critically important because they are the fabric of website, hence testing core and custom elements is the foremost focus of this QA process.

Thoroughly, ensure components behave as intended.

Critical NIQ Custom and Dependent Elements

Note: NIQ Custom, Pattern & Reusable Blocks are all as of September 1, 2023.


What’s new in WordPress 6.5?
More developer tools are being rolled out in 6.5, so for most people, the updates will not seem to be very big. However, the new features that are available to implement that will make multisite management a lot smoother.

Our Recent WordPress Versions:
VersionRelease DateName
6.5April 2, 2024Regina Carter
November 7, 2023Shirley Horn
6.0May 24, 2022Arturo O’Farrill
5.9January 25, 2022Joséphine Baker
5.8July 20, 2021Art Tatum
5.7March 9, 2021Esperanza Spalding
5.6December 8, 2020Nina Simone
5.5August 11, 2020Billy Eckstine
5.4March 31, 2020Nat Adderley
5.3November 12, 2019Rahsaan Roland Kirk
5.2May 7, 2019Jaco Pastorius
5.1February 21, 2019Betty Carter
5.0December 6, 2018Bebo Valdés
Full version list:

All these environments will be updated at a later time:

WP updated to 6.5-RC1

Content sync was completed. 

Eventually, this update will affect all sites on the QA site including:  – NielsenIQ China – Partner Network – CPG Dictionary – NielsenIQ Shop

Some New Features

Follow the reference link below to find out more about new features:
[Ref. ]


All core and custom blocks are critical part of this QA – without them there won’t be The holistic approach here is to build a new post so to ensure NOT only existent posts are functioning properly.

Additionally, test and ensure NIQ custom taxonomy/tags are fully functional by following these essential steps:

  1. Look at an existent post and check its taxonomies in WordPress Editor and front-end.
  2. Create a new post and select random taxonomies you target to test then review on the browser frontend.
  3. For instance, check the browser URL address to detect selected tags? Let’s check to see if – en for English as language tag corresponds then continue testing the different tags until satisfied.



We’d need to test functionality of the back-end and front-end for these sites for any possible issues as well as make a note of new WP enhancements for us to adopt.

Additional tested components include these:
Testing Existing & New PostsTesting NIQ Custom Blocks
Compare functionality and impact on NIQ custom blocks on v6.2 versus v6.3NIQ Smart List (ex. Post)                                               
Test Post in different language (ex. Portuguese/French/Chinese) Tabs Container – NIQ     
Test different viewports (ex. Tablet/iPhone/Desktop)   Heading Separator – NIQ
Test across different browsers (ex. Firefox/Chrome/Safari)Popup – NIQ 
Create a post/page and tag it to test result (ex. Tags)Block Element settings
Test forms (ex. Contact us)Client Login – NIQ (ex. Post)    
Check and verify Installed plug-ins (ex. Ninja Forms)Quote (default WP block)  
Test and ensure NIQ custom taxonomy/tags functionality (ex. Tags)Embed Shortcode – NIQ 
Review style and theme (ex. #060A45/margin/padding/font: “Aktiv Grotesk” )Slider-NIQ/Slide – NIQ
Test Image/animation/Video Content (responsiveness/playback)Testimonials – NIQ
All these elements are required for QA WP Update Testing


NIQ Custom Blocks



WP Core Blocks



Existing Posts



NIQ Forms


Reported Issues & Outcomes:

No issues were seen during testing in 6.5; at a later date, testing will need to be repeated with the inclusion of the Block Bindings and Interactivity APIs.

5. qa test supporting documentation

A simple Word/PDF document would’ve sufficed as QA test documentation but I thought this new WordPress v6.5 contained very few new UI changes that it was better documenting and testing it directly on the page.

With that in mind, I created this post and put all new blocks directly from the library so we can test them live on the page while also learning about some of the new features.

This approach was more purposeful than just simply a gargantuan PDF document with full of screenshots. Below are LIVE WordPress core and NIQ Custom blocks in action:


Performed Research reference:
Other Helpful NIQ Web Environments:
NIQ Related Dev Story:

All Block Elements in Action – Live QA:


NIQ Downloadable Open Report
NIQ Downloadable Open Report
This block was constantly breaking based on our earlier reporting of WP v6.3 QA testing and progress status.

The image on the right was captured on Tuesday, August 22, 2023 during our Daily Scrum. This specific block was breaking constantly even after attempting to recover it. Below, we will see on our live QA test that it’s now functioning properly..

Fig. 3(a) – NIQ Downloadable Open Report Prior Errors
We’re no longer noticing this issue percolating hence we’re resolved on this as a pass result.

This live QA of the block indicates that this issue we were experiencing has been contained hence I conclude this was a successful operation.

Fig. 3(b) – NIQ Downloadable Open Report Functioning Properly
File Download Core Block
File Download Core Block
Fig. 4 – File Upload Previous Errors
Previous block error screenshot is shown on the left while a stable and functioning file upload WP core block is live on the right.

Anything below at this point on can be modified as needed for the purpose of QA/UAT testing and more but nothing prior this explicit note

This is also partially a QA test report as aforementioned that cannot be altered but by its author..

Nonetheless, feel free to add new blocks or anything below this notification that can enhance this experience.


Embed Core Block
Audio Block – File
Audio Block – File
Embed URL Video Core Blocks
Embed URL Video Core Blocks
Video Core Block – Facebook URL
Video Core Block – Facebook URL


MSD Asset Download Short Form
MSD Asset Download Short Form
NIQ Custom Block Gated MSD Form – français
NIQ Custom Block Gated MSD Form – français
Ninja Contact Form
Ninja Contact Form
Client Log-in Form
Client Log-in Form
NIQ Pattern In-House Ad
NIQ Pattern In-House Ad

NIQ Pattern In-House Ad

Incrementality analytics can show you how to grow your business without undercutting your existing sales. While sales figures alone can’t reveal the answer, the right assortment and merchandising solution will.


Search Field Block
Search Field Block
Testimonials-NIQ Custom Block
Testimonials-NIQ Custom Block


WordPress v6.3 Update was a rollercoaster but we got it now

Comment by Alain Kabongo, NIQ Dev Team

Testimonials – NIQ Custom Block being tested live

QA Test is conducted by Alain Kabongo, NIQ Web/Dev QA Tester

WordPress v6.3 Update QA has been completed successfully!

Comment by Alain Kabongo, NIQ Dev Team
Jetpack Slideshow Block
Jetpack Slideshow Block
NIQ Smart List
NIQ Smart List
This is an example of NIQ Smart List Pulling data from Career page through tagging.
NIQ Pop-up & Reusable Block
NIQ Pop-up & Reusable Block

DO NOT modify any NIQ Reusable blocks at any moment because these blocks are shared throughout multiple pages hence any alterations will eminently affect other posts. It is an imperative fact to retain throughout the process of creating, publishing and editing posts.

Also, Navigation menus are like reusable block – DO NOT change them because altering them will affect multiple pages.

For instance,

Consumer 360 page (

NIQ Pattern Cover with Content
NIQ Pattern Cover with Content

WordPress v6.3 QA

NIQ Pattern Cover with Content

This is an example of NIQ Cover Pattern with Content. This QA test illustrates the level of testing that was conducted to ensure all blocks and patterns worked as intended.

NIQ Full Width Quote Block Pattern
NIQ Full Width Quote Block Pattern

“This is just a pure example of when passion and work dedication do come together to excellence.”

Alain Kabongo, Web/Dev QA Tester, Nielsen IQ. | Monday, September 04, 2023
WP Quote Core Block
WP Quote Core Block

WordPress Quote Core Block

Alain Kabongo, Web & Dev QA Tester | Edison Calle, WP Lead Developer
NIQ Infogram Block Pattern
NIQ Infogram Block Pattern

Growth among all levels of ‘clean’

Source: Label Insights Research

© 2021 Nielsen Consumer LLC. All Rights Reserved

Text Slider – NIQ Block
Text Slider – NIQ Block
NIQ Pattern Block Callout List
NIQ Pattern Block Callout List


  • This test pertains to NIQ Pattern Block Callout List.
  • This QA testing is for WorldPress v6.3 Update
  • Jim Peck will be having a speaking event on 9/6/2023
Hero Image & Callout Card
Hero Image & Callout Card

Hero Image & Callout Card

This example shows this NIQ Pattern Block in live action as we continue our WordPress v6.3 testing and finalization.

Tab – NIQ Block
Tab – NIQ Block