Webinar: Inspire growth for your small and medium enterprise.


Webinar: Inspire growth for your small and medium enterprise.

A special webinar for small and medium businesses

What you will learn

In today’s world of fast-moving consumer goods, for many small and medium-sized businesses it’s hard enough to survive, let alone scale. But brands of all sizes are navigating a wave of challenges with unique strengths to lean on.

With limited analytics budgets available for most small and medium-sized businesses, it is important to identify the opportunities that are within reach and focus on the approaches that will matter most. 

Join NielsenIQ as they reveal how small and medium business can balance growth and risk in a year of challenges. Leveraging the latest global study: The Balancing Act, in this webinar you will discover how:   

  • Unique consumer behavior types as well as their characteristics to help you drive awareness and consideration  
  • The performance of SMBs in FMCG around the world, and how it relates to consumer preferences 
  • Innovation and consumer mindsets when it comes to trends for small and medium brands 

Expert speakers

Lauren Fernandes

Lauren Fernandes is a seasoned thought leader and content strategist, serving as Global Director of NielsenIQ Thought Leadership. Based out of Toronto, Canada, she has a passion for exploring emerging trends and shifting consumer behaviors. Her work has scaled global audiences and clientele, helping manufacturers and retailers make more informed business decisions.

For the last decade, Lauren has enjoyed sharing her perspectives and analytic pursuits via thought leadership content, industry publications and to the diverse audiences within the NielsenIQ network.

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