Webinar: The future of understanding your consumer


Webinar: The future of understanding your consumer

Brands are adopting sophisticated ways to heed customer insights to deliver value and build loyalty; but the quantity of data is massive and its ecosystem complex as consumer touchpoints evolve. Unpacking behavioral signals and acting on the right insights are now a big source of competitive advantage. 

Join experts from Mondelez, Fetch Rewards, and NielsenIQ as they uncover ways to harness data and uncover consumer insights in this complex ecosystem.

What will you learn from this webinar?

Our expert panel features Pat Burke, Chief Revenue Officer at Fetch Rewards, Jennifer Brain-Mennes, Media and Communication Executive at Mondelez, and Harvey Ma, Vice President of Omni Consumer and Retail Performance at NielsenIQ as they address some of the CPG industry’s biggest questions including:

  • Where are you looking to spot emerging trends?  
  • Is your customer segmentation modernized — beyond just demo?  
  • How do you know which product attributes matter most to your consumers? 
  • Do you understand the impact inflation, supply chain, and sustainability has on your consumers’ buying behavior?   

The future of understanding your

Expert Panel Speakers

Jennifer Brain-Mennes

Sr. Director of Global Media Strategy & Planning, Americas Operations at Mondelez

Jennifer is a media and communications executive focused on consumer strategies and experiences across mature and emerging markets. Jennifer is sought after for her ability to deliver digital creative that drives results and increases customer engagement. 

Patrick Burke

Chief Revenue Officer at Fetch Rewards

Pat is an industry veteran of 20-plus years working in various leadership roles. At Fetch Rewards, he leads the business’ CPG and Retail sectors, inclusive of existing and new partners, and identification of new revenue opportunities. 

Harvey Ma

Senior Vice President for Omni, Consumer and Retail performance at NielsenIQ

Harvey Ma is a business executive with a background in team leadership across businesses in retail, manufacturing, and more. Harvey brings his 20 years of experience to strategic commentary on omnichannel trends and retail strategy for specific CPG product categories and the industry as a whole.

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