Expansion strategies for emerging beverage brands


Expansion strategies for emerging beverage brands

If you’re a winemaker, craft brewer, or small-batch distiller with a loyal following, congratulations! The next step is to consider your expansion strategy for off-premise retail channels to increase your geographical reach. But, how exactly do you do that?

How you can use data for an off-premise retail expansion strategy

The key to a successful expansion strategy lies in accessing a combination of POS and panel data and acting intelligently based on trends.

Leveraging category and market data together with consumer insights can help emerging beverage brands break into new retailers. While great products and devoted customers are essential to your continued success, they don’t guarantee growth. Expanding into off-premise distribution and new geographies is key to increasing your overall sales volume and preventing stagnation. 

The right intelligence can help you fine-tune your approach to pricing and positioning and create a winning strategy to increase local and regional distribution. In order to develop a plan for increasing your retail distribution, you need to be able to identify and target the right retailers and distributors.

Three steps to successful off-premise growth

With a powerful combination of consumer and retail sales data, your emerging beverage brand can navigate the path to off-premise success. That intelligence can also help your CPG company understand the size of the market, who your customers are, and what truly motivates them. It also empowers you to develop a growth strategy that includes expanding regional distribution and new off-premise retailers. You can also develop a viable pricing and positioning strategy to meet growth goals.

In this use case you’ll learn how to: 

  • Develop a strategy to start or increase off-premise distribution. 
  • Build accurate consumer profiles to inform innovation and expansion.

  • Target retailers and distributors that are the best fit for your products.
  • Improve your retailer and distributor sell-in narratives with compelling proof points.

See how emerging brands like yours can use the power of NielsenIQ’s data to create powerful off-premise growth plans and achieving new heights.

Taking the Next Step: Charting a Path to Off-Premise Distribution

Do you know how much room there is for your craft beverage growth within local retail stores in your region? Or how you should price your products to preserve profit margins while maximizing sales velocity? What about which consumers buy comparable and competing products in your alcoholic beverage category, and what motivates them? 

The right data can help answer these questions. It can also show you how similar products perform in various retail settings and regions, allowing you to accurately assess the market opportunity. Consumer demographic data can determine who is most likely to buy your product at retail, and how you can target those shoppers most effectively. Analyzing these data sets together will help your emerging beverage brand formulate an off-premise distribution strategy that truly accomplishes your goals. 

With accurate sales data and relevant consumer profiles, you’ll be ready for the next step in gaining off-premise distribution. Data-based insights can help you develop a strategy to start or increase off-premise distribution and build accurate consumer profiles, which inform innovation and expansion. This data can also help you target retailers and distributors that are the best fit for your products. And you can improve your retailer and distributor sell-in narratives with compelling proof points.

Three Steps to a Successful Off-Premise Distribution Strategy

Create an achievable, actionable expansion plan that addresses the unique challenges of your category and market by following this approach. In our latest use case, we map out three steps to a successful strategy for growing off-premise distribution.

Here are three steps to creating a successful off-premise expansion strategy:

How NielsenIQ Can Help

Nielsen provides access to the essential data that alcoholic beverage brands need to successfully enter or expand off-premise distribution and sales. Current retail measurement data shows how comparable products perform in various retail channels, helping you target the right retailers and distributors.

Think NielsenIQ retailer data is beyond your reach? Think again. 

Talk to our experts about new options custom-built for emerging brands like yours. Don’t miss out on crafting a powerful retail-driven expansion strategy!