Success Story

Planograms automation: How did Grupo Ramos Increase Its Productivity With Spaceman?

Success Story

Planograms automation: How did Grupo Ramos Increase Its Productivity With Spaceman?

Over the past three years, the collaboration between Grupo Ramos and NielsenIQ has reached new heights of efficiency and growth using Spaceman Professional and Spaceman Automation, which have fundamentally transformed the way Grupo Ramos plans, executes and evaluates its planogram strategy. Join us as we explore in depth the process and results of this strategic collaboration and its impact on the retail industry in the Dominican Republic. 

The context of Grupo Ramos

In the dynamic FMCG environment in Dominican Republic, Grupo Ramos is a leading retailer with a solid presence spanning 13 provinces and 74 stores throughout the country. Behind its operation there is a team of more than 8,600 collaborators who have been critical in offering a diversified range of formats that include Tiendas Sirena, Sirena Market, Supermercados Pola, Tiendas de Descuento Aprezio and Gran Aprezio, attracting more than 60 million visitors annually.

In this context, during the last decade this leading company has collaborated closely with NielsenIQ, sharing sales information of the formats: La Sirena, La Sirena Market and Super Pola, and obtaining in return relevant insights for its strategic positioning in the market. However, due to the high competitiveness in retail, continuous innovation is essential, and Grupo Ramos has focused on demonstrating a constant ability to evolve and prosper.

The challenge of space planning and automation before Spaceman

While in 2015 the retailer started using Spaceman to generate planograms, in 2020 Grupo Ramos identified the need to automate many of the operational processes that consumed the time of its planimetrists and found the opportunity to be more efficient in day-to-day tasks.

For that reason, Grupo Ramos started using Spaceman Professional and Spaceman Automation in order to develop its planograms efficiently, making sure to reflect shoppers’ needs and that manufacturers get a fair share of shelf space. 

“Being able to control the assortment and level of shortages, in addition to increasing sales simultaneously, is indispensable for a retailer, and would not have been possible without Spaceman and Automation Server tools”.

Alejandro Benassar, Space Management Leader at Grupo Ramos

The results of planogram automation

After three years of implementation and evaluating the results, these are some of the tangible benefits that Grupo Ramos has found for its company:

Spaceman Professional, allowed:

  • On average, a 10% monthly reduction in shelf shortages thanks to a daily control in all stores, which also facilitates the replenishment of products in a more agile way, since the team knows the location of these products.
  • A healthy inventory in which each product has its fair share of shelf space thanks to assortment reductions of 10 to 30% in the categories, either due to duplication, obsolescence or poor SKUs performance.
  • Implement commercial strategies on the shelf for each category, favorably influencing shoppers’ purchasing decisions.
  • Improve category sales performance by 10 to 35% in pilot testing of strategies.
  • Standardize category displays in all stores of the same format, thus generating a more homogeneous shopping experience for shoppers.
  • Improved sales performance by positioning materials according to category strategies based on the shopper’s decision tree.


On Shelf Availability

10 – 30%


In addition, Automation Server allowed:

  • Reduced inventory days by 10% to 30% depending on store format, while reducing manual tasks for the Space Managers team.
  • Perform and replicate planogram designs faster, maintaining key merchandising criteria.
  • Assign the required faces/fronts to each product automatically and per store, according to its particular performance in each store.
  • Improve response times to internal customers for unplanned incoming and outgoing material events.
  • Increase category revisions by 40% annually.

10 – 30%


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