A better approach to ad testing

BASES Ad360 is a powerful new solution that requires no compromise: it measures the implicit AND explicit response of your creative by combining cutting-edge neuroscience AND a comprehensive consumer survey. Minimize inefficient iteration cycles and drive strong in-market performance of your advertisement.  

Holistic, full-view insights with actionable next steps


Directly measures implicit brain processing

Second-by-second brain response captured by EEG is integrated with eye-tracking to measure how consumers visually explore the ad and how the brain implicitly responds.


Understand explicit reactions & commentary

Listen to consumers with a quantitative online survey compared to a database to provide insight into an ad’s explicit performance.


Identify strengths & optimization areas

Optimize your ad with clear guidance, validate ad potential, and build continuous learning for the future.

Receive an analysis of an ad’s performance against communication goals, integrating what consumers can and cannot tell you for a comprehensive picture.

Key deliverables

Overall EEG Engagement vs. Database ​

Brand Resonance, Brand Recall & Parent Brand Halo ​

Second-by-second Brain Response & Eye-tracking

Action Intent & Ad Purchase Impact

Insights include:
Insights include:
  • Implicit engagement and motivation
    Measure if ads drive emotion and relevancy
  • Explicit awareness
    Ensure your ad’s  explicit and/or time-bound messages (special offers, new brand intros, etc.) consciously breakthrough
  • Halo effects
    Understand the impact of creative on parent brand
  • Subgroup differences
    Analyze differences in explicit reactions from survey sample subgroups

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