Better predictions
mean better

BASES Forecasting

Much more than a sales prediction.

BASES Forecasting is a framework to improve in-market performance under uncertainties.

Drive growth by maximizing
hits and minimizing losses

At BASES, we have broad experience in a variety
of forecasting archetypes

Digital media

Factor in different type
of digital spend

Opportunity Sizer

Size your innovations before investing time and effort into building it


Capture e-comm dynamics if considerable online sales are expected


Capture e-comm dynamics if considerable online sales are expected

Direct to
consumers (DTC)

Predict online sales for exclusively e-commerce launches

Cross-category range

Capture different category dynamics in the system


Navigate the changes
of the market


Starter/Refill, instant/future consumption, low unit packs (sachet), channel-specific format (convenient stores, traditional trade…)

Top innovator performers:

75% of innovation experts consider volume vs. objectives and incremental brand growth to assess their launch performance

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