BASES OmniShopper Fundamentals

Multi-wave insights to understand changes in behaviors

What if you could answer the following questions with ease and accuracy?

  • How is the current path to purchase different from pre-COVID19 or lockdown?
  • What is the pandemic’s impact on impulse vs. planned purchases?
  • Which categories drive traffic in an omnichannel context?
  • How can you influence decisions at the shelf and online?
  • How does fulfillment method influence what shoppers want?


of food purchase transactions surveyed in September 2022 included a click. Only 66% were only-offline transactions.1​


of non-food purchases surveyed in September 2022 were purchased with a specific brand in mind.

What is it? 

Survey based dataset to understand a Category specific Path to Purchase

Covers category purchases across eComm and B&M fulfillment types​

Delivered via an interactive platform (Power BI) that is trendable and allows for a wide array of filters (geo, demo, fulfillment, journey)


Online and offline trendability

Shows how both brick & mortar and online category purchasing evolves through critical points in time, with a pre-COVID comparison point

Breadth and depth of categories

Data covers 132 food and non-food categories and includes coverage of top U.S. brick & mortar & e-Commerce merchants

Complete path to purchase insights

A complete view of the shopper’s path to purchase from before, during, and after the trip so that you can influence the shopper at every step

How is it used?

Shopper marketing

Allocate resources by category, fulfillment, channel, and trip type

Category management

Enhance category strategies with Voice of the Shopper proof points

Brand & experience marketing

Understand the relative importance of product attributes & shopping touchpoints across categories

What do I get?


Immediate understanding of the changing shopper behavior

Give your teams immediate access to the results of the online surveys fielded in the nationally representative NielsenIQ Homescan Panel


Delivered through an adaptable and accessible interface

The Power BI tool provides an easy-to-use user experience with robust filtering, intuitive visualizations, and options for data export to suit power user needs.


Packages are available that fit the need of your business

  • Packages start at $15,750 for one wave of data
  • Data is refreshed annually
  • Every subscription includes cloud-based access to the reporting tool in PowerBI and a high-level summary of annual trends

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1Source: NielsenIQ Omnichannel Shopping Fundamentals online survey fielded in nationally representative Nielsen Homescan Panel during Sept 2021 Post Vaccine among 132 CPG categories.

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