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BASES Price Advisor

Find the right price to maximize product sales

Did you know?


90% of new products priced too high fail in market


Underpricing your product by 10% can lead to a 20% decline in profits


A 1% improvement in price can generate an 11% improvement in margins

BASES has conducted:

15,000+ Price Advisors,
Across 70+ manufacturers, and
50+ countries

BASES Price Advisor identifies the optimal price for your product by evaluating the volumetric opportunity across a broad range of price points. It can be used for new or renovated products and can be used independently or in conjunction with a BASES forecast.


Accurate volume potential

Unlike methods like Van Westendorp, which provides only consumer price mentions, BASES Price Advisor uses a validated approach to determine the volume potential at each price point.



Virtually any price point can be evaluated with BASES Price Advisor as consumers state their own unbiased price points.


Ease of implementation

Unlike multi-cell price tests, there is no need to choose discrete price points prior to fielding a BASES Price Advisor study.

Answer the following questions

How high can you price your innovation without overly compromising sales?​
If your costs increase and you need to increase prices, what will that do to your package sales? To your dollar sales?​
Does your pricing meet shopper expectations?​
Does your pricing meet your target’s expectations? (available add-on)

What you get

Volume & sales potential

Average price mentions

The above are two examples of the outputs you’ll receive with a BASES Price Advisor.

BASES Price Advisor produces two volumetric curves: unit volume potential and retail sales dollar potential across a range of price points. From there, you can identify the pricing “sweet spot.” It also provides perspective on whether your intended price is within the range of consumer expectations.
Get answers for your pricing in as quickly as two weeks.

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