BASES Restaurant innovation capabilities

Predictive analytics for better decisions

Growing your restaurant through innovation can be a challenge. Incomplete, unreliable or outdated research can slow you down and drive poor decisions. Overcome these obstacles with BASES. Our solutions are grounded in predictive insights that take into account the unique buying dynamics in the restaurant industry and the nuances of your guests.

Success in the restaurant industry boils down to:

  • Meeting evolving guest needs
  • Getting the most of your marketing levers
  • Maximizing margins

The BASES innovation ecosystem

Your innovation needs

Although the process is shown as linear for the sake of example, there is typically some amount of iteration and there are multiple points from which you can begin.

Activation Profiles for Restaurants

  • Analytical framework included on any concept test that segments your restaurant innovation opportunities based on strategic potential
  • Evaluate tangible activation strategies and implications by looking at different pathways to success
  • Make better decisions using discriminating, predictive, and proprietary BASES analytics

BASES Volumetric Forecasting

  • Best-in-class, restaurant industry-validated
  • Simulated market forecasts within ±9% of sales

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