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Increasing demand from consumers in the health and wellness space has created a significant growth opportunity for consumer brands, and the data shows it will continue to be for a while more yet. But opportunities for brands in this space have risk: are you betting on the right trending attributes? Are you building a resilient portfolio of products?  

Growth is good – sustainable growth to build a brand for the long haul is better. NielsenIQ can help you get there. 

Whether you have a huge data team or shoe-string budget, our experts can help turn data into insights that guide decisions to ensure you build a strong foundation for your brand. 

  • Track trends with the broadest attribution for 2 million+ in-market products
  • Get full-market visibility into retail, e-commerce, major natural retailers
  • Know how and where consumers are purchasing products in your categories across the omnichannel landscape 

Talk to NielsenIQ and get a deeper understanding of how to not only grow your business but grow sustainably.