Is your brand listening to the conscious consumer?

Learn how your brand can tap into consumers’ hearts, minds, and wallets by using data that reveals the attributes that inspire conscious consumers and how these shoppers buy across an omnichannel landscape.

There’s a new crop of conscious consumers that have embraced omnichannel shopping in a big way. Brands have started taking notice, but is yours doing enough to capitalize on the trend? Customers focused on living healthier and more environmentally sustainable lives seek out key product attributes that support and align with their values. Can you be doing more to lead them to your products and capture more conscious spending for your brand?

Get to know the conscious consumer and what they prioritize using omnichannel data insights. NielsenIQ’s data solutions can help brands identify which trending product attributes are performing best in different categories and channels. Download our new eBook, “Is your brand listening to the conscious consumer?” to learn more.