How Dan-O’s Seasoning turned Byzzer insights into new distribution, shelf space, and innovative product development

The business challenge

Growing a CPG brand and expanding your product assortment can be a long, challenging journey. But, if you don’t have accurate and actionable data along the way, it’s going to be even tougher. So, what do you do?

What data can you use to grow?

How do you convince retailers of the open opportunity?

What avenues will offer the best chance of success?

The data solution

Every brand faces unique challenges and has a different path to take to growth– and Dan-O’s Seasoning is proof that investing in the right data can make a huge difference to your brand trajectory.

Before accessing NIQ data, the team at Dan-O’s Seasoning was piecing together data from retailers every week, but they knew they needed more actionable data to continue to grow.

By making the choice to invest in Byzzer, they were able to more accurately identify what was working and what wasn’t.

Byzzer data has become an integral part of their pitches as well as their marketing, branding, product development, and more.

“A lot of brands just don’t know how to get there and they don’t know how to make sense of this stuff. NIQ scales with you and having that relationship is key.”

Tyler Watson, VP of Sales at Dan-O’s Seasoning​

Don’t know where to start? Don’t stress. NIQ has the data and insights for you (and your budget)!

As an emerging brand, every dollar counts. But, investing in data is a necessity if you’re going to grow.

Dan-O’s Seasoning made the decision to invest in NIQ’s Byzzer and the results are clear.


The Dan-O’s Seasoning team wanted to have a better view of the brand and their growth trajectory.


By looking at their Byzzer Brand Ranking report, TDP reports, and more they were able to get the most effective data points to get on shelf in numerous retailers.


The data has become a key piece of their retail strategy and they’re even using it for product development and innovation, with great success.

Data makes it easy to prove that Dan-O’s Seasoning resonates with consumers and has a strong growth path ahead

Now, Byzzer’s data is a crucial part of the conversation with potential new retail partners. Dan-O’s Seasoning is able to open presentations with hard numbers from credible data sources: NIQ, the industry gold standard in retail measurement. Instead of building plans off of scarce data points or estimates, now Dan-O’s Seasoning can show how much value they can bring to retailers and how they understand the target consumer.

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