Data Impact by NielsenIQ

A powerful, collaborative analytics platform that helps brands interpret and master their omnichannel data. Real-time e-store data and advanced A.I. algorithms offer actionable insights and clear strategic guidance for optimized execution across an organization.

What is Data Impact?
What is Data Impact?

Winning the CPG digital shelf

A cutting-edge omnichannel analytics solutions provider, Data Impact works with global CPG brands to drive growth and innovation through localized data and A.I. algorithms. Its team of experts share guidance with precise and accountable steps to offer manufacturers and retailers unparalleled, comprehensive coverage with the granularity needed to make winning omnichannel decisions.

e-commerce data into actionable insights

More than 150 companies in 40 countries rely on Data Impact for rigorous and actionable insights, constant innovation, and advisory support.

  • Radically improve performance. Best-in-class technology provides a hypergranular view of banner and store-level e-commerce insights.
  • Grow sales. Global and scalable data analytics offer manufacturers a precise visualization of their omnichannel distribution and the ability to identify localized levers of action.
  • Drive growth. A.I.-powered predictive analytics, comprising location-based analytics, sales and shares estimates, media monitoring, SEO optimization, and more, all providing a clear view of customer interactions with your products’ online presence as well as competitors’ products.

NielsenIQ acquires Data Impact, sets pace for omnichannel revolution

NielsenIQ, the industry leader in global measurement and data analytics, announced two key acquisition agreements—Data Impact and Rakuten Intelligence.

The Data Impact advantage
The Data Impact advantage

Master the complexities of e-commerce

E-commerce sales presently account for 12% of CPG sales in the U.S. and up to 30% of sales in global markets, with estimates of growing at a 15% CAGR through 2025. It’s critical for retail trading partners to understand the total marketplace.


Comprehensive and actionable insights from more than 60 billion data points collected daily in 40 countries from 300 retailers with 25 million products.


A complete data set, collected where consumers shop, which provides CPG manufacturers with a precise visualization of their omnichannel distribution and the ability to identify localized levers of action.


Personalized, ongoing advisory support with clear training for clients to use and adapt the platform to track KPIs and provide guidance on strategic decisions—from retailer negotiation to strategic decision-making and insights.


Actionable guidance that provides precise, accountable steps to address business needs and includes automated reports, scorecards, and alerts.

Win on the digital shelf

Find out more about the collaborative platform powered by the most robust data and actionable insights to drive better e-commerce and omnichannel results.

Achieve more with Data Impact
Achieve more with Data Impact

Today’s CPG manufacturers are challenged on all fronts—from understanding how to harness the power of omnichannel, to identifying the right investment for search and media buys, to ensuring market share is not eroded by new competitors—all while avoiding zero-sum price wars.

Designed for omnichannel, marketing, media, sales and retailer analytics teams, Data Impact partners with clients to tailor its platform specifically to their needs to:


Optimize activity

Optimize activity by leveraging digital shelf analytics for guidance through every step of the conversion funnel.


Enhance e-retail brands

Enhance e-retail brands with superior visibility, which is essential to the acquisition of new customers.


Augment omnichannel presence

Augment omnichannel presence with location-based analytics, which addresses every e-commerce issue—from distribution to e-retail effectiveness.


Elevate Amazon market share

Elevate Amazon market share by monitoring product performance and business drivers for a 360-degree view to accelerate penetration and category coverage.

Surviving the fragmented e-commerce marketplace

With an increased number of online players, large and small brands as well as retailers need clearer perspectives on opportunities they might not be aware of and challenges they may face in the future.

Solution details
Solution details

What our clients say

“Data Impact has helped us measure our share of search more precisely. We also rely on their benchmarking reporting to detect the categories where we need to boost our SOS. Plus, the support team really knows their stuff and offers lots of powerful insights.”

Michael Hogenbirk, ERetail Marketing Manager, Ab InBev 
Michael Hogenbirk