Efficiency Unleashed: ​
How Planogram Automation is Transforming Retail​

Maximize Your Shelf Impact with Powerful Planogram Solutions

In the current volatile environment, with continuously changing assortment and shopper preferences, technology plays a pivotal role in planogram creation. It modernizes and enhances current merchandising processes by streamlining inventory management, optimizing supply chain logistics, and enabling data-driven decision-making for improved customer experiences.

In its ongoing commitment to enhance efficiency for our clients, NielsenIQ offers a solution in this domain known as Spaceman Automation, which is employed in the process of developing a planogram, to appropriately reflect each channel’s and retailer’s shopper decision tree, create the applicable blocks, make the plan properly executable, and be able to automatically adapt these strategic decisions to each store’s and shopper segment’s behavior.​

Automation and enhanced capabilities are required to integrate the necessary data, reflect the strategy, plan accordingly, provide the stores with more executable planograms, and finally track and evaluate the performance in a more efficient situation. Building planograms using real store level data minimizes out-of-stocks, whereas maximizes revenues and helps categories to grow.​

How our tool can bring your planograms to the next level​

The new category layouts are designed to maximize traffic, increase transaction size, and build profit for any type of store while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. For that reason, we need to move away from random yearly category updates in cluster-level planograms, average assortment, sales, and space to the adaptation of a merchandising strategy tailored to each store shopper needs and the fast update of all categories with minimal manual intervention (ensuring future-proof planograms)’ ​

To create the Perfect Shelf matching different shopper preferences and insights, various category strategies, and financial objectives, meet our latest Spaceman solution for an automated, easy, fast, and accurate solution to​ build your planograms for each different store level situation. Elaborating further on the enhanced Spaceman Automation, it gives category managers and space planners the ability to select one or more merchandisable fixtures, and with one click, instantly align them with the closest segment boundary to ensure precision in planograms.​

Retailers need to manage planograms for all categories, despite the lack of resources resulting to many categories not being frequently updated or not planogrammed at all. This usually results to a tangible drop of sales over time as stores end up making their own decisions, and fixtures become less easy to shop and sales suffer over time.

To prevent this loss, automation:​

  • Enables retailers to manage more planograms for more categories more often.  This will result in an increased sales performance with better compliance and management of space.​
  • Can work for different fixtures and displays. If more than 50% of planograms are automated, it can be enough to make significant gains, while some fixtures can be built in the traditional way.​
  • Allows us to create real “true” data driven planograms based on facts. If you are a supplier and want to collaborate with your retailer you can establish common targets and then Automation will build the planogram according to these targets.​


Take your planograms to the next level

Help your retailer/partner to go for store-specific planograms

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Time reduction when updating your layouts​

Change your store to convenience channel/sector without increasing your resources​

Granular scope enables you to get more channels ​

Ability to customize planograms based on local/region preferences​

Automatically allocate products to blocks according to the decision tree​

An integrated automated ​
planogramming process leads to

a x50* productivity increase

According to Spaceman automation users from Grupo Ramos, a retailer in Latin America, there are tangible advantages resulting from automation, such as:​

  • Efficiency in store-specific planogram creation​
  • Significant reduction in the team’s manual tasks​
  • Improvement in sales performance​
  • Daily control of out-of-stocks​
  • Easy replenishment on the shelf​
  • Increase in the frequency of the category updates.​
  • And more importantly 10-35% category sales growth​

Category Growth

Category sales increase

(10-week period comparison vs non-automated categories)​

Increased Efficiency

increase in number of category ​

Stock Control

reduction in ​ out-of-stocks ​on shelf

More Balanced Assortment

improvement in average of days of supply across stores

NIQ Expert Jonas Parmhed

Planogram Automation introduces a new way of working, simple to deploy and easy to adopt for all users. You don’t need a complex setup with advanced datacenters; it works with your own regular data offering an unmatched data-driven output adjusted to your real store situation and actual store demands. ​

state-of-the-art software that fits smoothly with your space management processes.  

Jonas Parmhed, 
Commercial Business Lead Merchandising Western Europe NielsenIQ.

Speed is key in planogram creation, roll out, and implementation

Introducing the Automation Wizard, a new feature in our latest Spaceman Automation release! In just four simple steps, it works like magic, eliminating the need for data experts or rocket scientists. This groundbreaking tool empowers Catman users to effortlessly apply our intelligent placement algorithms to multiple store planograms within seconds. Are you ready to rocket your merchandising into the future?

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