Enter a new era of connected collaboration

The retail landscape is undergoing constant change resulting in both retailers and suppliers sharing many common challenges:

  • Customer expectations and ways of shopping are evolving
  • Costs are increasing and margins are under pressure from e-commerce
  • Supply chain channels have been disrupted
  • The digital transformation impacts business processes
  • Disparate datasets and many disconnected tools make it a challenge to be agile and act quickly.

It’s no secret that collaboration drives mutual success. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is imperative to partner with your suppliers and remain customer-centric for a win-win-win.

Are you ready for the new era of connected collaboration?

It’s here! Our connected collaboration offering enables best-in-class collaboration in one end-to-end connected suite for retailers and suppliers. One source of truth and a common integrated tool allows you to move from data-to insights-to activation in real-time across modules:

  • Customer Insights
    • Harness the power of your customer data
  • Supply Chain
    • Collaborate with suppliers across supply chain data
  • Merchandising Analytics
    • Optimize assortment and improve the impact of promotions
  • Personalized Offers and Retail Media
    • Create audience, launch offers and campaign, measure results

What are the key benefits of Connected Collaboration?

  • Meet shopper needs
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Improve business planning
  • Stay ahead of competitors
  • Drive mutual growth

Want to find out how you can accelerate profitable growth, enable activation from insights, and deliver customer-centric decisions in one connected collaboration suite? We would love to meet with you at NRF’s Big Show hear about your business needs for 2023.

Stop by NielsenIQ booth 601 to see our Connected Collaboration suite in action.

  • One connected suite
  • Unlimited partnership power
  • Exponential growth potential