Generational Trends and the 10th Shopper Mission: Life in a Post-Pandemic World

In 2017, long before the pandemic began to change shopper behavior, stores were focused on a few key elements of the shopping experience. The ‘store within a store’ concept was taking hold, and health and wellness had become a priority. The front-end shopping experience was evolving and the 2-day shipping wars were well under way.

Once the pandemic hit, shopper priorities and behavior quickly started to shift, both online and offline. Front-end adaption became a critical component of the shopping experience offline, and the businesses that didn’t adapt struggled to keep their doors open.

Even as shoppers move towards a post-pandemic world, certain systems and behaviors are clearly here to stay. Check out our ‘Generational Trends and The 10th Shopper Mission’ presentation to learn more about:

  • What shoppers expect from you in-store and online
  • How important in-store shopping is to consumers
  • Shopper preference for available shopping options
  • How e-commerce has evolved with shoppers

For more information on updated shopper behavior and reinvention of the shopping process, join Erin Feeney-McKinney and Lakshmi Madabhushi, Ph.D. as they take a closer look at updated generational trends and the 10th shopper mission.


Erin Feeney-McKinney
Vice President of Global Product Development

Lakshmi Madabhushi, Ph.D.
Global Commercial Leader