How Pomi USA is using Byzzer to get the Full View of the market

The business challenge

Pomi USA has learned that creating and staying relevant with their CPG brand can be tough. So, what can you do to make your journey easier and more intentional?

Pomi USA needed:

Accurate Data

Market Transparency

To Understand Category Trends

The data solution

Everybody needs to start somewhere – and Pomi USA is the proof that a few key data points can go a long way to uncover ways to grow your business.

Pomi USA uses the Brand Ranking report to update internal presentations, and pitch decks. They use it to understand their place in the category and/or a specific account

Byzzer has increased transparency with Pomi USA’s leadership. With the reporting, they are able to get the Full View of how their product ranks in the market, what their share looks like and what trends are popping up. This accessibility makes it easy to understand what the focus and innovation should be for the brand.

The prepacked solutions are a huge time saver – the data is easy to comprehend and analyze when there is a time crunch.

“… the most used report is the item ranking because it is so accurate and really goes into deep detail of not just the UPC code but the item…”

Ilaria Bonucchi, Marketing Manager at Pomi USA​

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, Byzzer has the solution!

Before access to NIQ data, Pomi USA was relying on their broker partners and a mix of unreliable data to tell their story for them. They knew they had soft performance, but didn’t know how to change their trajectory.


The Pomi USA team pulled their market data to understand their placement in the market and how much share they are currently holding.


By accessing the Byzzer’s Brand Ranking report, RDP reports, and more, they’re able to target the competition and position their product offerings better.


Byzzer is becoming a crucial component of their business model and retail strategy for the rest of 2023, and they move into 2024.

Data plays a crucial role in comprehending the marketing and understanding Pomi USA’s role within it

Now, Pomi USA no longer has to make assumptions or go without clear information. They’re able to share insights and data-driven recommendations to leadership and buyers based on what they have learned and pulled from the Byzzer platform. With hard numbers from credible data sources like NIQ, the industry gold standard in retail measurement, Pomi USA is more confident in their story and able to share it with retailers to continue growing.

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