Our retail partners are requiring you to join our global supplier onboarding program

Make sure your products are represented at their best

Let’s put your product data to work by including your product images in our fully integrated product data management pipeline. To participate in this fast, easy, and free program your business partner requires you to simply submit your product images to NielsenIQ’s all-in-one product data pipeline.​

By including your product artwork you are enabling your trusted business partners to help their shoppers make informed purchasing decisions by identifying important product attributes such as gluten free, organic, non-GMO and thousands more by highlighting them both online and in-store. Including your products in this program increases product discoverability and boost incremental sales. ​

In order to participate in this program and become eligible for product attribution, all products are required to be submitted to NielsenIQ’s product data pipeline through Label Insight’s drag and drop portal. ​

Here’s our fast, easy, and free submission process:​

  • Create a free account by registering below​
  • Drag and drop your product artwork into our portal​

Please register now to begin submitting your product artwork: ​

Following the data submission we will use our market-leading technology to score your products across 27,000+ attributes and send them to your trusted business partner(s) automatically.​