Get a full view into the omnichannel landscape with NielsenIQ Omni Solutions

In an omnichannel marketplace, a full picture of online and in-store sales, share, and consumer behavior is essential for finding growth opportunities and stronger brand loyalty. NielsenIQ Omni Solutions complete the picture. ​

Omnichannel market
Omnichannel market


Shoppers flock online

22 million consumers adopted online ​shopping in 2020 and increased spend by 43%.


Consumer behavior is difficult to predict

Shoppers move fluidly between brick-and-mortar browsing to online purchasing and back to stores for curbside pickup, making the customer purchase journey more complex than ever.


Every shopper is an omnishopper

In order to make confident, strategic decisions, manufacturers and retailers need to understand exactly how and where shoppers make purchases.​


One source of truth for the total marketplace​

As fulfillment methods multiply, manufacturers and retailers need data they can rely on—formerly reliable datasets only tell a partial picture. NielsenIQ’s Omni Solutions provide the tools CPG players need to accurately evaluate their total market performance and omnichannel behavior trends—without the gaps or guesswork of combining disparate online and in-store datasets.

Omnichannel opportunity 
Omnichannel opportunity 

Gain the insights you need to win in the evolving market

  • Follow the same shopper across channels​
  • Track omni leakage and shopper shifts​
  • Improve efficiency with one data source​
  • Close blind spots in the competitive landscape

Full omni insights

Your one-stop-shop for measuring omni, from sales to share to shopper behavior, with NielsenIQ’s full suite of Omni Solutions. One platform to answer all your business-critical omni questions.

Consolidated data source

Using the latest technology in machine learning and AI, NielsenIQ data scientists integrate and harmonize data sources to provide a simple, source of truth that is broad in coverage and granular in detail.

Void of blind spots

Through the comprehensive view of the omnichannel marketplace comes the opportunity to build new growth strategies not available before.

Precision you can trust

NielsenIQ’s proprietary methodology and standard of rigor provide precision that can help to confidently make strategic and operational decisions every time.

Omni Solutions benefits
Omni Solutions benefits
NielsenIQ Omni Solutions is a suite of products that provides reliable, actionable insights, and powerful analytics to meet the needs of retailers and manufacturers.
Omni Solutions
Omni Solutions



Drive your omnichannel growth strategy with a comprehensive view of sales and share covering both online and in-store channels.



Capture consumer purchases across online and in-store channels for a complete view of changing omnichannel behaviors.



Improve digital performance through an in-depth view of the marketplace and online shoppers.

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