BASES Renovation Architect

BASES Renovation Architect is an enhancement to BASES Architect. It is designed to guide clients on their Renovation Strategy by identifying positioning, communication and innovation territories to strengthen and grow brands.


The Renovation Architect framework integrates Competitive Brand Evaluation, Category & Market Evaluation and Renovation Action Guidance

Benefits at a glance

Comprehensive Strategic Guidance

across positioning, communication and innovation territories, integrated with brand priorities, competitive context, category motivators, unmet needs and future trends.

More informed Renovation Decisions

via Renovation Impact Factor for all potential renovation options.

Sharp, Precise and Outcome-led Recommendations

Leveraging simulation and optimization capabilities that explores million+ combinations to arrive at the optimal set of renovation actions (balancing for strategic fit and complexities of execution)

How it works

Consumer Survey

To capture brand engagement metrics, associations and category relevant metrics


Leveraging structural equations modeling at multiple levels to assess competitive strengths & challenges

Simulation & Optimization

To arrive at most effective set of renovation priorities and actions

Key deliverables

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