Scaling Businesses through Data

The game has changed for small and medium brands trying to scale growth today. There is no single straightforward path to wide retail distribution and branded claims to fame are diversifying around deep-rooted behavioral norms and social causes. 

That’s why the team at NielsenIQ has been putting together The Brand Balancing Act report. This report will break down the 4 “bases” that every brand, small or large, should cover when scaling their business with a focus on the global state of SMB brands after a tumultuous few years and looking ahead. 

These four bases include: 

  • Knowing what consumers prefer in a brand 
  • Understanding how brands are performing globally 
  • Identifying trends leading to consumption 
  • Creating a signature style or innovation 

Now, let’s turn this data into revenue! 

Download the Brand Balancing Act Report
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As part of the larger Brand Balancing Act Report, we’ll publish a new weekly article taking a deeper look at different markets and data points.  

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