How Rebel Green found the perfect retail insights tool to gain new distribution

“For us, Byzzer has been great. We’ve operated for over a decade without consistent access to data, so it’s great to know how we’re doing after going so long without knowing for sure – and it’s even better that the news is good!”

Ali Florsheim, CEO of Rebel Green

The business challenge

The world of CPG data can be intimidating. Big manufacturers spend millions of dollars and hundreds of hours on retail analytics – how can a small, family-owned startup possibly do the same?

How do you access CPG data?

What do you do with it once you have it?

We can’t compete with the big brands – so why bother chasing data at all?

The data solution

Everybody’s got to start somewhere – and Rebel Green is proof that a few key data points can make a huge difference to your small business strategy.

Their brokers couldn’t believe the data they’ve been able to provide – they thought they would need to pay a ton of money for it. (Spoiler: They did not.)

They’ve been able to identify their true competitors within their niche and demonstrate why they deserve a spot on the shelf over them.

By showcasing their strong velocity growth, Rebel Green has won distribution with three new retailers – and counting.

Still small? Don’t stress. Small brands have metrics to show off, too.

Retailers already know you’re a niche brand. They don’t expect you to outsell the category’s biggest brands. But they do expect you to show how your brand attracts a niche group of shoppers.


The Rebel Green team used the Product Performance Report to show their strong sales growth at the retailers in which they are currently stocked (velocity, aka $/TDP). 


They used the “Natural” filter on the report to show who their true category competitors are – and how much more Rebel Green sells than other natural products do. 


This data has become a key piece of their conversations with new retailers – and it’s paying off.

Data makes it easy to prove that consumers love their products.

Now, Byzzer’s data is a crucial part of the conversation with potential new retail partners. Rebel Green is able to open presentations with hard numbers from credible data sources: NielsenIQ, the industry gold standard in retail measurement. Instead of begging and borrowing for a data point here and there, now Rebel Green can show exactly how their products perform against other natural cleaning products.

“My credibility comes from using NielsenIQ data. I can meet with retailers and kick off presentations with the hard numbers now. I say – I’m going to tell you how great our products are. But first let me show you how many shoppers already agree.”

Ali Florsheim, CEO of Rebel Green

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