Shameless Pets knows that CPG data doesn’t just win you a spot on the shelf – it keeps you there.

“The challenge is not just getting on the shelf – it’s the dollars it takes to stay on the shelf by consequence of trade promotion activity. Bigger brands can outspend you. So smaller brands need to be laser-focused with their trade promotion spend to make sure they’re getting the most ROI with their smaller budgets.”

Jonathan Thomas, Sales Lead, FDM for Shameless Pets

The business challenge

Start-up “upcycling” pet care brand Shameless Pets has brought an innovative vision to the pet vertical. But in order to convince buyers of their potential, they knew they needed retail data to build a case for themselves.

We know our idea is special – but how do we show that shoppers will agree?

As CPG industry veterans, we know data is important – but how can we afford that on a start-up budget?

The data solution

With access to Byzzer’s platform, the team started monitoring weekly performance using the Brand Ranking Report and the Item Ranking Report. At the beginning, they didn’t like where they fell in the ranking. But identifying and tackling some simple challenges was key to making big changes in their retail fate.

With visibility to their performance, they pivoted quickly to make their way up in the category rankings and surpass their competitors.

Once they started rising in the retail rankings, they were able to start shouting their success to potential retail partners.

With the retail data insights the team pulled from Byzzer, Shameless Pets has earned new distribution with key retailers.

But the team knows that earning distribution is just step number one.

Earning new distribution points is something to celebrate. But now it’s time to support new launches with promotions – without burning through limited budget.


Retail data is key to earning a spot on the shelf. But how do you invite trial and win new shoppers in a new market on a budget? And then how do you know if your trade promotion spend is yielding results?


With weekly email alerts like the Promotion Efficiency Alert and reports like the Promo vs Non-Promo Sales Decomp Tree, Byzzer helps track how much additional lift products are really getting.


Now the team at Shameless Pets is poised for an efficient and successful rollout at their new retail partners.

Shameless Pets has big plans, and Byzzer data is helping them achieve that. As they expand their portfolio of pet products, the team is looking to category data to see what adjacent categories are growing, which product attributes are trending, and which niches are growing fastest. They’re able to assign dollar amounts to opportunities, and identify and anticipate new competitors as they expand and grow.

“We’re proud of how far we’ve come, but we aim to be the Patagonia of the pet world. Our vision is momentous, and with retail data tools we’re able to actually build that vision into a reality. We’re just getting started and Byzzer is making the path forward for us much clearer.”

Tom Steinke, Business Development Manager for Shameless Pets

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