How Frutero Went from 3 Stores to 2,500 in Two Years

From a trip to India in 2019 to a burgeoning CPG brand in 2022, Mike Weber and Vedant Saboo have disrupted the ice cream market.

What makes their brand so different and how are they using data to get distribution so quickly?

The business challenge

Expanding beyond a single region or retailer is tough. Each retailer has their own KPIs to measure against and a simple narrative about how great your product is isn’t enough. So, what can tip the scales in your favor?

How do you use data to create a compelling narrative?

What data matters to the retailer?

Does data really make that much of a difference?

The data solution

Everybody’s got to start somewhere – and Frutero is proof that a few key data points can make a huge difference to your expansion strategy. Whether you have your own sales or are looking at category data only, you can create a compelling narrative.

Frutero went from conception to national distribution in 3 years by using data to craft effective messages for retailers.

They’ve been using shopper panel data to get valuable insights into emerging trends and identify future growth opportunities for healthier alternatives like Frutero.

By tailoring their data to the retailers and regions they targeted, Frutero saw stellar growth in just a few years.

Brand still new? Don’t stress. There’s still plenty of data you can use to open doors.

Retailers already know you’re an emerging brand. They don’t expect you to outsell the category’s biggest brands or show up with years of data. But they do expect you to show how your brand will provide value to their sales strategies.

Here’s how Frutero did it:


Frutero pulled category sales data broken down by retailer and region to better tailor their messaging and get on shelf.


They also accessed shopper panel data to get insights into emerging trends and highlight how their ice cream meets consumer needs.


This data has become a key piece of their conversations with new retailers and markets –and it’s paying off.

Data makes it easy to prove that consumers love Frutero products.

Now,Byzzer’s data is a crucial part of the conversation with potential new retail partners. Frutero is still growing and will be utilizing data to create effective presentations with hard numbers from credible data sources. Lucky, they have access to data from NielsenIQ, the industry gold standard in retail measurement. Frutero can build an expansion strategy with surgical precision to get their product in more retailers across the nation.

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