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Use case: Tracking COVID-related shift in omnishopper buying and spending habits

How a household cleaner brand can use Omnishopper data

Download our use case to see how a household cleaner brand can answer the billion-dollar questions.

Every brand needs to know: are these online sales net new customers, or are customers shifting from brick-and-mortar? The pandemic shutdowns impacted everyone’s supply chain as well as consumption habits across the board, but no category quite as much as household cleaners.

In this use case, you’ll see an example of how NielsenIQ Omnishopper reports can help a household cleaner manufacturing brand better assess consumer buying habits over the course of the pandemic and be prepared for an omnichannel future.

See how NielsenIQ Omnishopper data can help manufacturers answer questions like:

  • Are shoppers leaking from brick-and-mortar to online channels and at what rate?
  • Which shoppers are part of incremental growth in sales?
  • What are shopper demographics and motivations for purchase?
  • What’s the relative share of online to brick-and-mortar sales?

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