Webinar: Formulating for Growth–Spotlight on Diabetes

Health is the true definition of wealth

Did you know Higher Income Households tend to buy more diabetic-conscious foods?

Learn about how to control chronic diseases like diabetes with conscious eating in our “Formulating for Growth–Spotlight on Diabetes” webinar presented by NIQ’s Total wellness leader Sherry Frey and connect partner, MSA (Measurement Science Associates).

A few things we will cover:   

  • What are the key macro wellness trends driving the market  
  • How a brand manufacturer can understand its fair share of the diabetes consumer market  
  • How to identify white space opportunities to leverage new ways to use wellness to drive loyalty 
Sherry Frey

About the presenters

NIQ – Sherry Frey, Total Wellness Industry Leader

Sherry Frey has more than two decades of industry experience and is a recognized thought leader on health and wellness shopping and consumption trends. With a background in marketing, market research, innovation, and consulting with clients across many industries, Sherry shares visionary foresights, combined with practical strategies. Sherry’s view of health and wellness extends beyond our own personal health and wellness to include how we collectively think of the health of the planet.  

Management Science Associates – Steve Gongaware, SVP, Business Development

Stephen Gongaware has more than three decades of industry experience across CPG, healthcare drug discovery, casino gaming and information technology.  Stephen has been a frequent speaker at numerous industry conferences and University programs.   Stephen has a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA with concentration in bioengineering from the University of Pittsburgh.   Stephen’s vision is to unleash the power of market forces to improve health and wellness for all using innovative data and analytics.